organic fruits,herbs,veg (K)

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Photo unavailable KALE 'Lacinato' (aka 'Dinosaur')
Organic Heirloom Kale

Heirloom-Due to its lumpy leaf surface, it is also called dinosaur kale. This unique variety has the darkest blue-grn color of any kale-it is nearly black. The lvs are 3” wide and 10-18” long. It has an excellent flavor that is enhanced by frost. Harvest when the lvs are small & tender for best taste. It has superior vigor, yield & hardiness. Plant in sun-pt shade.(Maturity: 30 days baby leaf, 60 full size)(Brassica oleracea ‘Lacinato')

Photo unavailable KALE 'Red Russian' (aka 'Ragged Jack')
Organic Heirloom Kale

Heirloom-Tender, colorful specialty kale for salad mixes & bunching. The stems are prpl & the lvs are dp-gray, prpl-veined, flat, non-curled, & tooth-edged. The plants mature med.-tall & lvs are tender & smooth when compared to other kales. It is great for salads & light cooking. This is one of the hardiest of all kales. Very cold tolerant. Vigorous plants 18-36”. Plant in full sun. (Maturity: 60 days) (Brassica napus ‘Red Russian’)

Photo unavailable KALE 'Westlander' (BRASSICA oleracea)

A compact & uniform Kale, a great option for limited space in the garden. Extremely cold hardy and grows best in the colder months, although can still be planted in the spring. Blue-green leaves with ruffled edges. Nice, tender leaves with good flavor. Height: 14-20". DTM: 50 days.

Photo unavailable KALE 'White Russian'
Organic White Russian Kale

Heirloom-Tender kale for salad mixes & bunching & voted best-tasting by High Mowing Seeds. The blue green leaves have white mid-ribs that get sweeter in cold weather. The broad leaves have a peppery, earthy, sweet flavor & are moderately serrated & size up well while remaining tender. Great for salads & light cooking. Very cold tolerant. Ht: to 36 inches. Plant in full sun. This is the sister to Red Russian Kale. Maturity: 50 days. (Brassica napus 'White Russian')

Photo unavailable KOHLRABI 'Kolibri F1 Hybrid Purple'
Organic Kohlrabi

Attractive purple variety that produces 3” bulbs w/uniform, dp prpl skin, & nearly fiberless, crisp, white flesh. Kolibri is flattish-round, between 4-6 inches across, & has medium-sized tops that allow for closer planting. It can be eaten raw or cooked & is excellent in soups & other dishes. One of the best varieties for late season harvest & remains sweet, juicy & crunchy! Best when eaten when golf ball size. (Maturity: 45 days)

Photo unavailable KOHLRABI 'Trero'

An early forming Kohlrabi with a very uniform habit. White, tender flesh with thin bulbs that can get about 6". Sweet & mild in taste. Lasts long in garden without getting woody, but should be harvested while tender for best taste/ texture. Highly resistant to bolting. DTM: 42 days. (BRASSICA oleracea var. gongylodes)

Photo unavailable KOMATSUNA hybrid 'Senposai'
Mustard Spinach

A neat & unusual edible green. Commonly called "mustard spinach". It is in the Brassica family; it is a cross between Japanese mustard & cabbage. DTM: 40 days. Full sun & cold hardy. Spring sowing, can last all summer due to it not bolting easily. In more mild climates, it can be grown throughout winter. Size: 6-12" x 12-18".

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