KALE 'Lacinato' (aka 'Dinosaur') (#KALLAC6-OG - H 53)

KALE 'Lacinato' (aka 'Dinosaur')

Heirloom-Due to its lumpy leaf surface, it is also called dinosaur kale. This unique variety has the darkest blue-grn color of any kale-it is nearly black. The lvs are 3” wide and 10-18” long. It has an excellent flavor that is enhanced by frost. Harvest when the lvs are small & tender for best taste. It has superior vigor, yield & hardiness. Plant in sun-pt shade.(Maturity: 30 days baby leaf, 60 full size)(Brassica oleracea ‘Lacinato')

Available sizes

Size Location Price
6 pack H 53 call