Photo unavailable ROSA 'Young Lycidas' (=Ausvibrant)
David Austin English Rose

Awarded the top prize for fragrance at the 2009 Concurs Internacional de Roses, Barcelona. Magnificent, purple-magenta blms of classic old rose beauty. The flowers are quite large & deeply cupped even when fully open. Lovely tea & old rose fragrance w/hints of cedar wood. Attractive, bushy shrub. It is an excellent choice in a rose border or mixed border. Named after one of the finest poems of John Milton. Size: 3-4' x 3-4'.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Yves Piaget'
Hybrid Tea (Romantica)

A very fragrant rose that flowers abundantly and continuously. Large, very double mauve pink blooms, with a petal count of 80, are borne on long, strong stems. A vigorous, upright habit with medium green, semi-glossy disease resistant foliage. A must for any fragrant garden! Height: 3-4'. (Patent #6895)

ROSA banksiae 'Lutea', Lady Bank's Rose ROSA banksiae 'Lutea'
Lady Bank's Rose

This rose carries small, quarter sized double yellow blooms with a light fragrance that are borne in hanging clusters. In mild climates, it will cover itself with blooms early in the season. Extraordinarily vigorous. Long lived in mild winter areas. USDA Z7. Early and once blooming. Climbing, 20-30 feet. Aphid resistant. (1824)

Photo unavailable ROSA chinensis 'Mutabilis' (own root)
China Rose

Produces single, 3" blooms that start flame red and age to coppery honey-yellow, orange and red, with all the colors on the bush at the same time. Rounded in growth-but may become tall and spreading. Nice mahonany colored new growth. Shrub or climber. 3-8' x 2-6'. Shade tolerant. Continually blooming.

ROSA Red Ribbons (=KORtemma) (own root), Shrub ROSA Red Ribbons (=KORtemma) (own root)

An excellent ground cover rose with clusters of nicely formed, rich crimson blooms accented by yellow stamens. It has a light, sweet fragrance over shiny, dark green foliage with good disease resistance. The blooms are 3-3 1/2", semi-double and produced in profusion throughout the season. Size: 2-3' x 4-7'. (1990 Kordes) Asexual Propagation Strictly Prohibited. PP #9,115

Photo unavailable ROSA White Meidiland (=MELcoublan) (own root)
Meidiland Shrub Rose

Of the Meidiland ground cover roses, this one is the more manageable ground cover & has the largest flowers. Creates a hardy, vigorous mounding plant with huge Old-rose style blooms that heavily petaled & sparkling white. Sturdy, everblooming & performs well in warm climates. Disease resistant. Upright, spreading: 2-3' x 4-5'. (1987) (PP#6088)