Photo unavailable ROSA 'Abbaye de Cluny'
Hybrid Tea (Romantica)

This is a very healthy rose with an old fashioned look. The antique-styled blooms are cupped and carry apricot tones with a strong, spicy fragrance and a petal count of 30. Has a bushy growth habit of 3-5 feet with disease resistant, medium green foliage. Vigorous, yet contained growth. Repeat blooming. (1996) (PP#9,609)

ROSA 'About Face (=WEKosupalz), Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea x Floribunda) ROSA 'About Face (=WEKosupalz)
Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea x Floribunda)

Produces 4-6" bi-colored blooms that are a lighter golden-orange on the inside with a distinct darker bronzy-red outside. Delightful mild fragrance. Blooms on new wood so if you prune early you’ll promote new growth. Perfect for cut flower arrangements. Tall, upright habit. Size: 5-7' x 4-6'. USDA Z6.

ROSA 'All Dressed Up', Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea x Floribunda) ROSA 'All Dressed Up'
Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea x Floribunda)

Produces 3-4" old-fashioned, fully dbl blms in a sparkling shade of watermelon pk. Non-fading blms are held to perfection on long stems ideal for cutting, but equally glamorous when left on the bush. Delightful mild fragrance. Blooms on new wood so if you prune early you’ll promote new growth. Excellent as a cut flower, accent, in borders or planted in mass. Tall, upright habit. Size: 4-5' x 3-4'. Petal count: 35-50. USDA Z5.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Altissimo'
Large Flowered Climber

Climbing Floribunda: Produces long lasting single saucer-like, crimson-scarlet blooms in small clusters with a slight fragrance on long cutting stems. Makes a broad spreading shrub or short broad climber. Blooms on new and old wood. Consistent in all climates. Rapid rebloom spring-fall. Vigorous. As a shrub, 6-7'. Climber, 8-10'. (1966)

ROSA 'Arctic Blue', Floribunda ROSA 'Arctic Blue'

A very cool rose whose beauty is certain to give you chills! Pointed buds slowly unfurl to reveal spiraled flowers of lovely lilac pk, fading to lavender blue w/cream reverse. The petals hold their color well, remaining attractive right until the point they hit the ground. Moderate fruity to citrus-like fragrance. Outstanding disease resistance. Can be used for beds and borders or cut flower. Petal count: 35-40. Size: 4-5' x 3-4'. PPAF

ROSA 'Autumn Sunset', Modern Shrub ROSA 'Autumn Sunset'
Modern Shrub

Great traits in a climber! Rich fragrance, disease resistant (especially black spot), strong apricot-gold blooms, good vigor, shiny green foliage and free flowering! Always in bloom with clusters of fragrant semi-double cupped flowers. Blooms on new and old wood. Great in most climates. Shrub or hedge 7 ft. Climber 8-12 ft. x 6-8 ft. climber. (1988)

ROSA 'Bonica' ('Bonica '82') (own root), Shrub ROSA 'Bonica' ('Bonica '82') (own root)

The dark green foliage sets off the loose, double shell pink, apple scented blooms. Abundant bloomer, continuing to bloom all summer. Arching habit is a good companion for vertical plants. Dense mounding plants of medium height. Disease resistant. This is good as a border plant or hedge. 5-7' x 5'. USDA Z6. (1981) (PP#5105)

ROSA 'Boscobel' (=Auscousin) (own root), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Boscobel' (=Auscousin) (own root)
David Austin English Rose

Red buds open to beautifully formed, rich salmon colored blooms. They open to pretty cup shaped flowers that develop into very full & dbl classic 2-3” rosette styled blms. Reblooms in flushes spring-fall. Old world myrrh scent w/hints of elderflower, pear & almond. Uses: cut flower, borders, beds & pots. Disease resistant glossy dk green foliage. Upright, vigorous, bushy & healthy. H: 3-4’. W: 2-3’. USDA Z5. (2012: Austin)

ROSA 'Carding Mill' (=Auswest) (own root), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Carding Mill' (=Auswest) (own root)
David Austin English Rose

Produces beautiful flowers in pink, apricot & yellow. At the bud stage, the inside is rich, deep apricot w/paler, soft yellow undersides. When fully open, the center is filled w/rich, apricot-pink. The full, slightly nodding 3” double flowers are ruffled & globular w/a strong myrrh scent. Blooms in flushes from June-Sept. Cut flower & exhibition rose. Bushy & rounded. Ht: 3-4'. W: 3'. Disease resistant. Vigorous. USDA Z5. (2005: Austin)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Centennial Star'
Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora

From the House of Meilland (famous French rose breeders) comes this beauty. The flowers are strongly fragrant, carrying 5" cupped & double blooms that have 50-70 petals per rose! The blooms are golden yellow with pink edges. Repeat & profusely blooming. Tidy & bushy with glossy, dark green foliage. Size: 3-5' x 3-4'. USDA Z5. (1997) PPAF

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Charlotte' (own root)
David Austin English Rose

Named for one of David Austin’s granddaughters. The rounded buds open to exquisite cup-shaped blooms that are fully double, growing up to 5" wide. Pleasant strong tea fragrance. Attractive bushy growth with excellent repeat-flowering. Can be trained as a climbing rose or effective as a hedge. Ideal for front of the border or mixed beds. Height: 4'. Width: 3'. Disease resistant. Vigorous. Petal count: 100. USDA Z5. PP#9,008

ROSA 'Chicago Peace', Hybrid Tea ROSA 'Chicago Peace'
Hybrid Tea

Discovered in the windy city of Chicago, this sport of the world famous Peace rose is brighter and deeper-toned. Large 5-5.5" copper-pink blooms shimmer with canary-yellow at the base of the petals. Slightly fruity fragrance. Good cut flower. Disease resistant. Size: 3-4' x 3'. Petal count: 40-45. Full sun. USDA Z5.

ROSA 'Claire Austin' (=Ausprior), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Claire Austin' (=Ausprior)
David Austin English Rose

Touted as the finest white English Rose to date! Bears cupped buds of a pale lemon that open to form large, crmy-whe flwrs; their petals perfectly arranged in concentric circles. Has a strong fragrance of myrrh w/meadowsweet, vanilla & heliotrope. It forms an elegant, arching shrub w/med. green foliage. Strong & particularly healthy. Blms in summer & repeats. Shrub: Ht. 4-5' x W. 3-4'. Climber: Ht. 8'. USDA Z5-10. PP#19,465

ROSA 'Climbing Iceberg' (own root), Climbing Floribunda ROSA 'Climbing Iceberg' (own root)
Climbing Floribunda

A sport of the excellent bush form. The most sought after climber today! In the spring, it is covered with clouds of large, semi-double pure white blooms. Good repeat bloom. Height: 10 feet. Shade tolerant. (1910)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Crown Princess Margareta' (own root)
David Austin English Rose

Named after the Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden. Produces large clusters of lovely apricot-orange blooms with a strong, fruity fragrance. The unique color slowly fades to yellow as the rosettes mature. Vigorous, arching growth allows this to be grown as a shrub, 5' x 4-5' or short climber, 10-12'. Bloom 4-5", Petals 100+. Excellent repeat bloomer. Cut flower. Spectacular when combined w/the the cool blues of Salvia, Nepeta or Lavender. Ideal for shade. USDA Z5. PP#13,484

ROSA 'Darcey Bussell' (=Ausdecorum)(own root), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Darcey Bussell' (=Ausdecorum)(own root)
David Austin English Rose

Named after Darcey Bussell, former principal ballerina of London’s Royal Ballet. Boasts masses of fully dbl, dp, rich crimson blms, w/tinge of mauve as time passes, creating an attractive contrast w/bt. ylw stamens. A prolific bloomer w/deliciously fruity fragrance perfect for cut flowers. Small, bushy shrub, fast grower. Excellent choice for the front of beds, borders, containers or as a flowering hedge. Ht: 3'. Width: 2'. PP#18,717

ROSA 'Distant Drums', Shrub ROSA 'Distant Drums'

This rose grows like a Floribunda in habit, drumming out clusters of pointed brunette buds that swirl open to reveal ruffles washed with orchid pink. A striking color! The dark green foliage sets off the color beautifully. Great landscape rose. Fragrant and repeat blooming. Hardy, vigorous & flowerful. Medium, upright habit: 3-4' x 5'. USDA Z5. (1985)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Double Delight' (=ANDeli)
Hybrid Tea

1977 AARS. This rose hits you twice w/its enticing spicy scent & beautiful bicolored blms! Pointed buds open to creamy wht brushed w/dp red on long, sturdy stems are great in a vase. The 4-6” blms have a petal count of 35 & held over matte green folg. Vigorous shrubby habit. Size: 4’ x 3-4’. Repeat bloomer spring-fall. Good disease resist. but can occasionally get powdery mildew in cool, damp climates. Heat tolerant. USDA Z4.

ROSA 'Easy Does It', Floribunda ROSA 'Easy Does It'

2010 AARS. Produces large, colorful clusters in swirls of mango-orange, peachy-pink & ripe apricot from late spring to fall. Moderately fruity fragrance. Pointed buds open to double 3.5" ruffled blooms. Excellent disease resistance. Good in borders & in groups. Medium, rounded habit: 3-4' x 3-4'.

ROSA 'Easy to Please' (=WEKfawibyblu), Floribunda ROSA 'Easy to Please' (=WEKfawibyblu)

Abundant clusters of blms that are fuchsia pk w/lighter reverse. Has a moderate clove scent w/hints of cinnamon. Medium sized clusters emerge late spring through fall. Pointed buds open to double 2œ-3" spiraled blooms. Has fantastic disease resistance and has performed exceptionally well across the country with little-to-no care. Nice compact habit is perfect for borders or low hedge. 20-30 petals. Height: 4.5'. Width: 4'. PPAF

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Francis Meilland'
Hybrid Tea

A tall stately rose with very large old-fashion shaped 5" blooms. Strong fruit & citrus fragrance. Named for the legendary breeder of the Peace rose in honor of his 100th birthday. 2013 AARS winner. Soft, shell pink color will appear early in the season turning white w/ age. Blooms will be white most of the year, especially in the heat of summer. Great cut rose. Extremely disease resistant. Size: 6-7' x 3'. Petal count: 60-65. USDA Z5. USPP# 19,970

Photo unavailable ROSA 'French Lace'
Modern, Cluster-Flowered Floribunda

Delicately formed buds are outlined in ivory to light apricot opening to white 3 1/2" large, full blooms; borne singly or in clusters of up to 5 blooms with a slight fragrance. Great for borders, low hedges or beds. Upright growth habit. Good flower production & rapid regrowth. 3 ft. x 2 ft. (1982 AARS, Portland Gold Medal).

ROSA 'Gentle Hermione' (=Ausrumba) (own root), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Gentle Hermione' (=Ausrumba) (own root)
David Austin English Rose

Incredibly beautiful fully double, perfectly formed flowers of true old rose character. Large blossoms, up to 4" wide, start as rounded buds, gradually open to form shallow cups of pure pk, delicately blushed towards the outside. Strong old rose scent, the numerous petals (90) are perfectly arranged & resistant to rain. Excellent repeat bloomer. Medium shrub ideal for borders, hedges or screens. Size: 4' x 3'. Very hardy & irresistible.

ROSA 'Gold Medal', Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea x Floribunda) ROSA 'Gold Medal'
Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea x Floribunda)

Long pointed buds open to fragrant, dbl 4-6" stunning yellow-gold flowers w/ hints of copper-orange shading at first bloom. Sweet, spicy-fruit fragrance. Early spring bloomer w/ strong flushes through out the season. Upright, bushy habit. Semi-thornless. High-centred flowers, few thorns & long straight stems make this an ideal cut rose. Also great for beds, borders or containers. Size: 4-5' x 2-3'. Petal count: 30-35. USDA Z5.

ROSA 'Golden Showers', Large Flowered Climber ROSA 'Golden Showers'
Large Flowered Climber

Produces clusters of semi-double, golden-yellow blooms with ruffled petals. Blooms spring to late fall on new and old wood with a sweet honey-like fragrance. Disease resistant. Reblooms. Pillar or wall rose. Robust and upright, 10-14 feet. Tolerant of some shade. Narrow habit-good in small landscapes. (1957)