ROSA 'About Face (=WEKosupalz), Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea x Floribunda) ROSA 'About Face (=WEKosupalz)
Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea x Floribunda)

Produces 4-6" bi-colored blooms that are a lighter golden-orange on the inside with a distinct darker bronzy-red outside. Delightful mild fragrance. Blooms on new wood so if you prune early you’ll promote new growth. Perfect for cut flower arrangements. Tall, upright habit. Size: 5-7' x 4-6'. USDA Z6.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Angel Face'
Floribunda (Floribunda x Hybrid Tea)

An All-American Rose Selections award winner and recipient of many awards for its various attributes. The 3 1/2 inch double blooms arrive in clusters in early summer and continue to mid-fall. The 25-30 ruffled petals are a cheery lavender color with a sweet fruity fragrance. Upright and bushy with leathery foliage. Size: 3 feet x 3 feet. Exposure: full sun. USDA Z5. PP#2,792.

ROSA 'Arctic Blue' (own root), Floribunda ROSA 'Arctic Blue' (own root)

A very cool rose whose beauty is certain to give you chills! Pointed buds slowly unfurl to reveal spiraled flowers of lovely lilac pk, fading to lavender blue w/cream reverse. The petals hold their color well, remaining attractive right until the point they hit the ground. Moderate fruity to citrus-like fragrance. Outstanding disease resistance. Can be used for beds and borders or cut flower. Petal count: 35-40. Size: 4-5' x 3-4'. PPAF

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Bolero' (syn. 'Meidelweis') (own root)
Floribunda (Romantica)

Makes a great cut flower. Repeat blooms during the season with clusters of heavily petalled white flowers with a pink tinge. The 3" blooms have a petal count of 100 or more and have a strong fragrance of traditional rose mixed with tropical fruit. Good border and container plant. Disease resistant. Tidy, compact, bushy growth habit. Height: 3-4'. Width: 2-3'. USDA Z5. (2003) PP #17,841

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Brandy'
Hybrid Tea

Deciduous shrub: Tea Rose. Large, double 30-35 petaled blooms. Flowers are an apricot/ light orange tone that will continuously bloom. Mildly fragrant. Size: 4-6' x 2-3'. Bloom time: spring - frost. Light: full sun. Water: moderate. USDA Z 5-9.

ROSA 'Chicago Peace', Hybrid Tea ROSA 'Chicago Peace'
Hybrid Tea

Discovered in the windy city of Chicago, this sport of the world famous Peace rose is brighter and deeper-toned. Large 5-5.5" copper-pink blooms shimmer with canary-yellow at the base of the petals. Slightly fruity fragrance. Good cut flower. Disease resistant. Size: 3-4' x 3'. Petal count: 40-45. Full sun. USDA Z5.

ROSA 'Climbing Iceberg' (own root), Climbing Floribunda ROSA 'Climbing Iceberg' (own root)
Climbing Floribunda

A sport of the excellent bush form. The most sought after climber today! In the spring, it is covered with clouds of large, semi-double pure white blooms. Good repeat bloom. Height: 10 feet. Shade tolerant. (1910)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Crazy Love Sunbelt' (own root)
Crazy Love Grandiflora Rose

A fiery upright habit. 12 large 4” petals covered in copper yellow, orange, and peach turning to pink as it matures, added with glossy green foliage. Heat tolerant. Exposure: full sun. Well drained soil. It has a delightful tea rose fragrance. Great as cut flowers, but also looks good in rose beds and mixed borders. Disease resistant. Bloom time: Late spring- late fall. Water: Average. Height: 5’. Width: 3’. USDA Z5. PP 26,870.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Dark Night' (own root)
Hybrid Tea

Deciduous shrub: Tea Rose. Cuplike, large, 4" 25 petaled blooms. Dark velvet red, almost black flowers with a creamy yellow infused with red reverse and glossy, dark green foliage. This rose has very little fragrance, but makes up for it with continual bloom, even through the heat of summer. A great addition due, to unique color and above average disease resistace, for the Western climate. Size: 5-6' x 3-4'. Bloom time: spring- frost. Light: full sun. Water: moderate. USDA Z 5-9.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Dick Clark'

2011 AARS winner. These double, classically-formed flowers are sure to please, with black-red buds, that twirl open to show off blooms of creamy white and vibrant cherry red edges, and begin to blush burgundy when the sun strikes the petals. It does not end there with long stemmed, cinnamon fragrant blooms and shiny, green foliage. Best flower size in cooler temps. Size: 5-5.5' x 3-4'. Bloom time: spring - frost. Light: full sun. Water: moderate. USDA Z 5-9.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Double Delight' (=ANDeli)
Hybrid Tea

1977 AARS. This rose hits you twice w/its enticing spicy scent & beautiful bicolored blms! Pointed buds open to creamy wht brushed w/dp red on long, sturdy stems are great in a vase. The 4-6” blms have a petal count of 35 & held over matte green folg. Vigorous shrubby habit. Size: 4’ x 3-4’. Repeat bloomer spring-fall. Good disease resist. but can occasionally get powdery mildew in cool, damp climates. Heat tolerant. USDA Z4.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Earth Angel Parfuma' (= 'Korgeowim') (own root)
Floribunda (PP #26,836)

Rich fragrance. Romantic blooms. Robust Health! Abundant trusses of petal-packed, peony-like 2" blooms are held on glossy green foliage & bloom continuously from late spring-late fall. Heavily scented with citrus, raspberries & sweet rose. Great for borders, hedges & bridal arrangements. Ht: 3-5 ft. Width: 3-4 ft. Hardy & disease resistant. Adapts to a range of conditions from hot and humid to cold weather. Exposure: full sun. Water: moderate. USDA Z5.

ROSA 'Easy Does It', Floribunda ROSA 'Easy Does It'

2010 AARS. Produces large, colorful clusters in swirls of mango-orange, peachy-pink & ripe apricot from late spring to fall. Moderately fruity fragrance. Pointed buds open to double 3.5" ruffled blooms. Excellent disease resistance. Good in borders & in groups. Medium, rounded habit: 3-4' x 3-4'.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Eden' (syn. 'Pierre Ronsard', 'Eden Climber', MEIviolin) (own root)
Climbing Rose

A beautiful climber & named “World’s Best Rose” in 2006 by World Fed. of Rose Societies. Has good vigor, bloom & disease resistance. Fragrant & fully double, 4.5” cupped blooms are creamy white and pastel pink. Repeat blooming and great cut flower. As a climber, 8-12 ft. in height x 6 ft. in width. Can prune into a shrub. It can be slow to establish, but have patience! Hardy & shade tolerant. USDA Z5-10. (1985) PP#6,892

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Emily Bronte' (syn. 'Ausearnshaw') (own root)
David Austin English Rose

A very beautiful rose w/blms that are neat & rather flat. Blooms in flushes throughout the season with soft pink flowers with a subtle apricot hue with the center deepening to rich apricot. Strong tea fragrance of Old Rose with hints of lemon and grapefruit are on large blooms with a petal count of 40-100+. Bushy growth that is strong, healthy and upright. Matte foliage. Good border, hedge, and container plant. Height: 4-5 feet. Width: 3-4 feet. Shade tolerant. USDA Z5. (2018)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Eureka'

Shades of yellow, apricot & gold are mixed all together on this new rose. The 4" blooms are old-fashioned in form & are found in big colorful clusters. It is easy to grow, vigorous and is wonderful for beds or in the landscape either alone or in masses. Excellent disease resistance. Medium/rounded to slightly spilling habit, 3.5' x 3'. (PPAF)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Firefighter'
Hybrid Tea

This is the first sponsorship rose for the 'Remember Me' garden fund. Proceeds of each rose sold helps contribute to the fund, geared to honor 9/11 victims. A hybrid tea with long stems that carry very fragrant, fully double, intense red blooms, set off by small, semi-glossy foliage. Color is better in cooler temps. Near thornless stems make for a nice shrub near walkways. Size: 5-6' x 3'. USDA Z6-9

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Forever Amber' (='Wekcaspetono')

A pretty rose with a moderately fruity scent and pretty frilly flowers. The pointed buds open to light apricot old-fashioned blooms that are borne in clusters of 3-4. Each 3.5-4" flower is packed with 45-50 petals and they bloom in flushes throughout the season. Neat, rounded and bushy growth habit. Good hedge and border plant. Height: 18-36 inches. Width: 16-30 inches. Glossy, dark green foliage. Disease resistant. USDA Z5-10. (2021) PP#34,234

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Francis Meilland'
Hybrid Tea

A tall stately rose with very large old-fashion shaped 5" blooms. Strong fruit & citrus fragrance. Named for the legendary breeder of the Peace rose in honor of his 100th birthday. 2013 AARS winner. Soft, shell pink color will appear early in the season turning white w/ age. Blooms will be white most of the year, especially in the heat of summer. Great cut rose. Extremely disease resistant. Size: 6-7' x 3'. Petal count: 60-65. USDA Z5. USPP# 19,970

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Fun in the Sun'

Time to get out and enjoy Fun in the Sun. This English style rose bloom has over 50+ petals that make its own statment, only to radiate with light pink outer petals and a buttery yellow center, that evoke the days of summer. Come out and enjoy the strong fragrance of fruit and spice that are nestled amongst rich, green foliage and high disease resistance. Ideal for floral arrangements as well as the landscape. Size: 4.5' x 3-4' USDA Z5-9

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Gabriel Oak' (syn. 'Auscrowd') (own root)
David Austin English Rose (Shrub)

A great rose with large, 3-4" many petalled blooms that is an eyecatcher! The blooms are a beautiful deep pink with outer petals that fade with age. The beauty is enhanced by a wonderful, strong fruity fragrance. A vigorous habit forming a shapely, broad, rounded shrub with mulberry purple stems & dark green foliage, giving the impression of richness & abundance. Height: 4 feet. Width: 4 feet. Repeat flowering. Petal count: up to 125. USDA Z4-11. (2019) PP #32,849

Photo unavailable ROSA 'George Burns' (='Wekcalroc')

A unique multicolor rose with stripes of yellow, deep red, rose pink and cream. The rounded buds swirl open into large, 4" ruffled flowers that have a petal count of 30-35 and carries a citrus, fruity fragrance. The foliage is large, clean, and deep green. Rounded, upright growth habit. Good for beds, borders, containers and cut flower gardens. Height: 30-42 inches. Good disease resistance. USDA Z3. (1997) PP #10,334

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Heavenly Scented' (='Wekvodomer')
Hybrid Tea

Wonderful old fashioned blooms are held on upright stems that make great cut flowers. The large, vibrant blooms have a classic scent with a strong, sweet, fruity and spice fragrance. The smooth and splendid pink blooms have salmon and apricot tones and are 4-5 inches in size with a petal count of 60-130. It blooms late spring to fall on a tall, upright shrub. Height: 4-6 feet. Width: 2-3 feet. Disease resistant. USDA Z4. (2023) PPAF

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Honey Dijon' (='Weksproulses')
Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea)

An unusual color described as warm, golden carmel brown with pink tinges at the petal ends, or mustard to taupe, & also tan to warm honey. Either way, this beauty has 4-5" double, clustered blooms with a petal count of 24-39 with a strong, fruity fragrant. It is a great cut flower for vases or bouquets. Medium, bushy, mounding growth habit. Good garden, hedge & shrub rose. Ht: 3-5 ft. Width: 4 ft. Repeat blooms. Strong disease resistance. USDA Z5. (2005) PP #17,822

ROSA 'Hot Cocoa' (own root), Floribunda ROSA 'Hot Cocoa'

The pointed buds of deep rust open to reveal a chocolate hue of smoked tones with a slight purply cast - the color has been described as chocolate, brick & russet. Very unusual. Large, 4" double blooms have a moderate old rose fragrance. Easy, vigorous & disease resistant. Good in borders & in groups. Medium, rounded habit: 3.5' x 4.5'. (PPAF)