Photo unavailable ROSA 'Kiss Me Kate Arborose'
Climbing Rose

A new rose from the Arborose collection by German Kordes Breeders. Repeat bloomer & vigorous climber. The beautiful old fashion blush pink blooms are cupped & quartered. Extremely fragrant with notes of citrus, apple, vintage rose & raspberry. Great for arbors, trellises & fences. The long stems make an absolutely stunning cut flower! Height: 6-8'. Width: 4'. Disease resistant. USDA Z5. PP#18,507

ROSA 'Lady Emma Hamilton' (=Ausbrother), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Lady Emma Hamilton' (=Ausbrother)
David Austin English Rose

The fat buds of deep ruby red, open to fully double, cupped flowers of soft gold swirled with touches of tangerine & blushes of pink. The 3.5” blooms are old-fashioned in style, cupped & carry a strong, fruity fragrance & blooms in flushes. Disease resistant dark green, matte foliage is bronzy red when young. Medium, bushy growth. H: 3-5’ x W: 2-4’. Uses: cut flower, garden, bed or border. USDA Z6. (2005: Austin) Patent #17,709

ROSA 'Lady in Red', Climbing Rose ROSA 'Lady in Red'
Climbing Rose

More compact than many climbers. Old fashioned & very dbl. Produces large, ruffled 3.5-4.5" blms that are born in small clusters. Slight tea fragrance. Use on walls, trellises & along fences or as a cut flower. Attracts butterflies. Bloom color: dk ruby red suffused w/occasional black smoke. Bloom time: late spring-fall. Size: 8-10' x 5-6'. Full sun. Water: moderate. Petal count: 35-50. Parentage: Valentine's Day x Oh My! USDA Z5. PPAF

ROSA 'Lady of Shalott' (=Ausnyson) (own root), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Lady of Shalott' (=Ausnyson) (own root)
David Austin English Rose

This rose promises to be one of the most robust & hardy roses in the David Austin collection. Highly disease resistant & blooms continually throughout the season. Ideal for the inexperienced gardener! The orange-red buds open to chalice-shaped blooms w/loose petals. The upper side are salmon pink, the undersides golden-yellow. Light tea & spice scent. Large, bushy w/upright canes. Ht: 4'. W: 3.5'. As a climber, 8'. USDA Z5. (2009)

ROSA 'Lichfield Angel' (=Ausrelate) (own root), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Lichfield Angel' (=Ausrelate) (own root)
David Austin English Rose

Deciduous. Charming pinky peach cups open to neat, creamy apricot rosettes later paling to creamy white. Light, clove fragrance. This continual bloomer produces large (4”), dome-shaped flowers that create a beautiful sight. A shapely shrub that can grow to be 4-5’ wide and 4’ tall making it wonderful for beds, borders or cottage gardens. Up to 110 petals on each bloom.

ROSA 'Life of the Party', Floribunda Rose ROSA 'Life of the Party'
Floribunda Rose

English-style shrub w/a well-behaved vigorous habit. Old-fashioned cupped shape blms of soft ylw that finish w/a kiss of pk on the petal edges. Each bloom is 3-3.5" in diameter. Fragrance is fruit and citrus like. The long lasting blossoms are produced in medium sized clusters on top of an upright, compact & bushy plant. Good for cutting, brings small spaces and containers to life. Size: 3-4' x 3'. Full sun. Petal count: 55-65. PPAF

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Life's Little Pleasures' (own root)
Miniflora Rose

Very double blooms of lovely lavender-magenta, fade to lavender but then hold their color to the very end. Moderate fruity fragrance. Semi-glossy, dark green, disease resistant foliage. Produces 2-3" grandiflora type blooms. Has a well rounded, compact habit & sets an abundance of blooms with excellent bud & flower form. A charming rose for walkways, containers & small gardens. Size: 2-3' x 1-2'. USDA Z 5. PPAF

ROSA 'Livin' Easy' (own root), Floribunda ROSA 'Livin' Easy' (own root)

Named for its ease in care. Plant it, give it a little water & watch it go to work. A strong bloomer with glowing medium-large, double blooms of salmon-orange with a fruity fragrance. A vigorous & spreading bush with disease resistant foliage. A consistent rose in all climates. Medium/rounded growth habit: 3-4' x 3-4'. USDA Z4-9. (1992) (PP#9161)

ROSA 'Mary Rose' (=Ausmary) (own root), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Mary Rose' (=Ausmary) (own root)
David Austin English Rose

This rose is noted for its growth and appearance in the garden. It produces 4-5" double blooms of classic, rosette-style medium, dark rose-pink with a heady perfume fragrance. Strong, upright and very well branched. It will grow almost anywhere in the garden. Continually in bloom. Shade tolerant. Disease resistant. Height: 4 ft. (1983)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Memorial Day' (=WEKblunez, 'Heaven Scent', 'Parfum de Liberte')
Hybrid Tea

2004 AARS. Beautiful old-fashioned, frilly orchid pink flowers are a true joy. Measuring 5-6” across and carrying a strong damask rose scent, one bloom can scent a room! Blooms vigorously in flushes throughout the season. It makes a nice cut flower with long stems and is a worthy exhibition rose. Upright and bushy. Ht: 5-6’. W: 5’. Disease resistant. Heat loving. USDA Z6. (2001: Carruth) Patent #16,572

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Molineux' (own root)
David Austin English Rose

Award-winning color & fragrance! RHS Award of Garden Merit. Many petaled, golden yellow 3-4" blooms that open wide to show deeply colored centers of a blending of peach & apricot. One of the more compact growing varieties & should be most useful in smaller gardens, containers, beds & borders. Very pleasant tea rose scent. Nearly thornless. Exceptionally free-blooming, upright shrub & disease-resistant. Ht: 4'. Width: 3'. Petal count: 120. USDA Z5.

ROSA 'New Dawn', Large Flowered Climber ROSA 'New Dawn'
Large Flowered Climber

A very sought after climber! Produces small and fragrant clusters of medium sized silvery-pink blooms that are produced in profusion. Very winter hardy and disease resistant and always in bloom. It is a climber that can also be grown as a shrub. Shrub, 6-10 feet. Climber, 12-20 feet. USDA Z4. (1930)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Oh Happy Day Eleganza'
Hybrid Tea

An ADR winner in 2015. The Eleganza collection is comprised of modern hybrid tea roses - stunning, beautiful, fragrant flowers with a generous bloom cycle. The apricot, high-centered buds open into beautiful, classic-shaped, cream-apricot & light pink flowers on a hardy, vigorous, shrub-like bush. Flowers appear in small clusters throughout the season. Good for beds, borders or hedges. Height: 4-5'. Width: 3-3.5'. USDA Z5. PP#29,165

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Oh My!'

Rosa 'Oh My!' would make a great addition to any garden. Deep red velvety flowers are produced in clusters upon strong stems against glossy dark green foliage, makes for a stunning display in any garden. Great as a hedge, a showy mass planting or just by itself. Mild apple fragrance. Great cut flower. Disease resistant. Height 4'. Spread: 4'. Exposure: sun. Petal count: 25-30. USDA Z5-9 (2013) (PP#24,728)

ROSA 'Oklahoma', Hybrid Tea ROSA 'Oklahoma'
Hybrid Tea

Introduced in 1964, this variety is most known of the black huge, fully double 5" blooms are dark velvety red/near black. Extremely fragrant with sweet old rose perfume. In 2004 it became the official state flower of Oklahoma. Darkest color and performs best with some heat. Size: 4-6' x 3-4'. Petal count: 40-45.

ROSA 'Olivia Rose Austin' (=Ausmixture) (own root), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Olivia Rose Austin' (=Ausmixture) (own root)
David Austin English Rose

Named after the daughter of David Austin Junior. Beautiful old rose formation with prettily cupped buds that gradually open to become 3.5" shallowly cupped rosettes. Lovely fragrance with distinct fruity tints. Vigorous and excellent repeat-flowering. Bloom color: soft pink. Height: 3.5'. Width: 3'. USDA Z6.

ROSA 'Outta the Blue' (own root), Shrub ROSA 'Outta the Blue' (own root)

Has many blue hues - rich magenta spiked w/yellow, deep wine sparked w/cream & warm lavender turning to blue-all on the plant at the same time. Very free flowering & vigorous. Flowers have a strong clove & rose scent. 3" blooms have 25-30 petals per bloom. Medium, upright-slightly rounded, 3-4'. Disease resistant. USDA Z4. (2000) (PPAF)

ROSA 'Parade Day' (=WEKmeroro), Grandiflora ROSA 'Parade Day' (=WEKmeroro)

Brightly colored selection. Large, prolific blooms are an intense, eye catching pink splashed w/ white appear in small clusters. Unlike other peppermint-splashed pink roses, this one has excellent color retention & remain vivid in your garden or in a vase for days on end. Strong fruity fragrance. Upright, taller, shapely bush, perfect for a doorway area or garden entrance. Size: 3-4' x 3'. Petal count: 40. USDA Z5.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Pillow Fight' (own root)

Carries clusters of fragrant white flowers over very deep, glossy green foliage. Very double blooms, about 35 petals per blossom, never seem to stop blooming! Similar to it's parent, Gourmet Popcorn, although is bigger, blooms are more double, leaves are larger and growth is larger. Medium/rounded, bushy habit: 3-5' x 3-5'. Performs best in drier climates. (2000)

ROSA 'Playboy', Floribunda ROSA 'Playboy'

Once you get over the name of this Scottish import-you will see how nice this rose is. Three inch ruffled orange and scarlet blooms are found on an easy to grow and compact plant. Moderate apple fragrance. Always in bloom! Medium growth habit, 3 feet. (1976)

ROSA 'Pretty Lady Rose', Hybrid Tea ROSA 'Pretty Lady Rose'
Hybrid Tea

This hybrid tea is the second in the Downton Abbey Series named after Lady Rose. A medium to compact grower with large old fashioned highly fragrant deep pink blooms that are 4-5" in diameter. Great in borders or pots. Be sure to plant where the scent can be enjoyed the most. Great cut flower. Disease resistant. Petal count: 45-60. Exposure: Full sun. Height: 3-4'. Spread: 3'. USDA Z6-9. (2016) PPAF

ROSA 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' (=Ausmerchant), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' (=Ausmerchant)
David Austin English Rose

A magnificent rose w/large, deeply cupped blms of warm, glowing pk. Each flower consists of about 130 petals. The blms are disproportionately large compared to the rose bush itself so the effect is all flower. Award winning - delicious fresh tea fragrance w/aspects of lemon & blackcurrants. Can be used for beds, borders, cut flower or garden. Height: 3-4'. Width: 3-4'. Bushy foliage on a rounded shaped & very winter hardy.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Queen of Elegance'

Non fading, old-fashioned large flowers are dbl & grow 3.5-4.5" across. The flowers open like a cup, packed w/tons of petals for a very full flower form. The clusters of elegant, pk-orng blm spring-fall. Very strong, classic rose fragrance on this straight, upright bush. An elegant addition to the landscape. Produces 3-4 flowers per cluster. Good for beds, borders, hedges or cut flower. Attracts butterflies. Size: 4-5' x 4-5'. USDA Z5.

ROSA 'Queen of Sweden' (=Austiger), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Queen of Sweden' (=Austiger)
David Austin English Rose

Charming little buds open to form wide, shallow cups of the softest pk w/hints of apricot. The 2 Ÿ” blms have a delicate myrrh scent & a petal count of 40-100 petals/bloom. They are borne in small clusters that come in flushes throughout the season & make good cut flowers. Shade tolerant, repeat blooming & disease resistant. Great for beds & borders. Medium, bushy & upright habit. Ht: 4’. W: 3’. USDA Z5. (2006) PP#17,150

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Rainbow Happy Trails' (=WEKsurdicla)
Ground Cover/Carpet Rose

A true groundcover with a trailing & spreading habit, the branches stay low to the ground spreading a rainbow of color throughout the garden. Mild tea & fruity fragrance. Med-small, 2-2.5" fully double, cup-shaped blms are vibrant yellow-gold, blushed w/pink edges. Flowers are non-fading, holding their coloration until the petals drop. Use as a shrubby ground cover, on slopes & banks & as a small hedge. Size: 1-1.5' x 2-3'. Petal count: 20-30. PPAF USDA Z4.