ROSA 'Good As Gold', Hybrid Tea ROSA 'Good As Gold'
Hybrid Tea

Bold, beautiful color! The 4-5” orange-gold flowers are flushed with red & make great cut flowers on long stems. The blooms are nicely scented with grapefruit & citrus & have an average petal count of 30. This rose adds a nice pop of vibrant color to the garden! It is not for the pastel lover! Nice in borders and containers. Upright & bushy, ht 5 feet. Disease resistant deep, glossy green foliage. USDA Z5. (2014: Carruth) PPAF

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Heavenly Scented' (='Wekvodomer')
Hybrid Tea

Wonderful old fashioned blooms are held on upright stems that make great cut flowers. The large, vibrant blooms have a classic scent with a strong, sweet, fruity and spice fragrance. The smooth and splendid pink blooms have salmon and apricot tones and are 4-5 inches in size with a petal count of 60-130. It blooms late spring to fall on a tall, upright shrub. Height: 4-6 feet. Width: 2-3 feet. Disease resistant. USDA Z4. (2023) PPAF

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Honey Dijon' (='Weksproulses')
Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea)

An unusual color described as warm, golden carmel brown with pink tinges at the petal ends, or mustard to taupe, & also tan to warm honey. Either way, this beauty has 4-5" double, clustered blooms with a petal count of 24-39 with a strong, fruity fragrant. It is a great cut flower for vases or bouquets. Medium, bushy, mounding growth habit. Good garden, hedge & shrub rose. Ht: 3-5 ft. Width: 4 ft. Repeat blooms. Strong disease resistance. USDA Z5. (2005) PP #17,822

ROSA 'Hot Cocoa' (own root), Floribunda ROSA 'Hot Cocoa'

The pointed buds of deep rust open to reveal a chocolate hue of smoked tones with a slight purply cast - the color has been described as chocolate, brick & russet. Very unusual. Large, 4" double blooms have a moderate old rose fragrance. Easy, vigorous & disease resistant. Good in borders & in groups. Medium, rounded habit: 3.5' x 4.5'. (PPAF)

ROSA 'Iceberg' (own root), Floribunda ROSA 'Iceberg' (own root)

Long buds open to large, semi-double pure white blooms that are borne in abundance. Produces fragrant, Hybrid Tea sized blooms. Tall and bushy-a good hedge or shrub. Vigorous, floriferous and continually blooming. Top 10 landscape rose. Medium growth, 4-6 feet-prune to keep smaller if desired. (1958)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Ingrid Bergman' (='Poulman')
Hybrid Tea

This multi-award winner was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2000! The lightly scented, 4.5" fully double dark ruby-red blooms have a soft, velvety texture. It blooms continuously from spring until frost and holds up well in the heat of the summer. Good bed, border, container and cut flower plant. Glossy, dark green foliage. Vigorous, small, bushy and upright habit. Height: 2.5-3 feet. Width: 2 feet. Petal count: 26-40. Disease resistant. Exposure: sun. (before 1981)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Ink Spots'
Hybrid Tea

Black pointed buds open to large, velvety dark red blooms - nearly black! The double blooms have a petal count of 30-35 and a light rose scent. It repeat blooms throught the season from spring-fall. The size of the blooms can decrease in hot weather. The super large, dark green foliage covers the bushy plant. Medium-tall, upright to slightly spreading habit. Medium-large flowers. Ht: 5-6 ft. Width: 4 ft. Good disease resistance. USDA Z7-10. (1985) PP #5,855

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Intrigue'

1984 AARS. Fragrance medal at Madrid. A stunning, plum purple colored floribunda rose that boasts strong habits of a hybrid tea. Exudes a strong citrus fragrance that hints of old rose, filling a room when used in arrangements. Lovely clusters of ruffled, double, high centered blooms. Compact form is great for containers, hedges and landscapes. Protect from cold. Size: 4' x 3-4'. Bloom time: spring- frost. Light: full sun. Water: moderate. USDA Z 6b-9.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'James Galway' (syn. 'Auscrystal')
David Austin English Rose (Climbing Rose)

A vigorous, upright habit that quickly makes a wonderful climber. The beautiful large, double 4" flowers are mid pink in the center that gradually become lighter towards the edges with a hint of Old Rose fragrance. The numerous, neatly placed petals in each bloom create a slightly domed shape. Good for an arch, wall or fence. Climber to 12 feet. As a shrub: 4 feet. Repeat flowering. Petal count: 130. Tough & trouble free. Disease resistant. USDA Z4-11. (2000) PP #13,918

ROSA 'Julia Child' (own root), Floribunda ROSA 'Julia Child' (own root)

2006 AARS. Very full, 3-4" golden buttery-yellow blooms carry a licorice and spice fragrance. The delicious fragrance is rarely seen in such a free-flowering rose. It flowers in clusters at the end of the stems from June-September. Nice rounded and bushy plant with glossy, dark green foliage. Disease resistant. 3-4’ x 3’. USDA Z4. (2006) (PPAF)

ROSA 'Just Joey', Hybrid Tea ROSA 'Just Joey'
Hybrid Tea

A superstar from England. The fruity fragrance wafts from large, ruffled buff to apricot colored blooms. Famed for the large fragrant double blooms it produces-great for cutting. Glossy, green foliage. Medium, rounded and bushy growth habit: 3' x 3'. A true beauty. (1972)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Ketchup & Mustard'

Get ready for a picnic with Ketchup & Mustard. This rose is hot off the grill with its double, medium size dark red blooms and mustard yellow reverse blooms. With the glossiest and greenist foliage, compact growth habit and tidy habit this makes great use for containers and landscapes alike. Flower is bigger with cooler temps. Mild Fragrance Size: 3-4' x 3-4' USDA Z6-9

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Kew Gardens' (='Ausfence')
David Austin English Rose (Hybrid Musk Shrub)

Boasts a profusion of small, single 2 Œ" flowers in very large flower heads that are somewhat like a hydrangea. The soft apricot buds open to pure white, with a hint of soft lemon behind the stamens and have a petal count of 4-8. It blooms almost continuously from summer into fall. Repeat flowering. Extremely healthy and almost thornless. Bushy and rather upright. Medium shrub. Height: 4-5 feet. Width: 3-4 feet. USDA Z5-11. (2009)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Koko Loko' (='Wekbijou')

The long pointed, full buds swirl open to reveal a truly unique color of milky chocolate cocoa that fade to an unusual lavender. The medium-large 4" classic, fully double blooms have a petal count of 30-35 with a moderate scent. It is makes a long lasting cut flower for vases & bouquets. Medium, rounded, bushy growth habit. Good for mass plantings, hedges/screens & as a shrub. Ht: 3-4 ft. Width: 3 ft. Repeat blooms. Disease resistant. USDA Z6. (2012) PP #23,269

ROSA 'Lady in Red', Climbing Rose ROSA 'Lady in Red'
Climbing Rose

More compact than many climbers. Old fashioned & very dbl. Produces large, ruffled 3.5-4.5" blms that are born in small clusters. Slight tea fragrance. Use on walls, trellises & along fences or as a cut flower. Attracts butterflies. Bloom color: dk ruby red suffused w/occasional black smoke. Bloom time: late spring-fall. Size: 8-10' x 5-6'. Full sun. Water: moderate. Petal count: 35-50. Parentage: Valentine's Day x Oh My! USDA Z5. PPAF

ROSA 'Lady of Shalott' (=Ausnyson) (own root), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Lady of Shalott' (=Ausnyson) (own root)
David Austin English Rose

This rose promises to be one of the most robust & hardy roses in the David Austin collection. Highly disease resistant & blooms continually throughout the season. Ideal for the inexperienced gardener! The orange-red buds open to chalice-shaped blooms w/loose petals. The upper side are salmon pink, the undersides golden-yellow. Light tea & spice scent. Large, bushy w/upright canes. Ht: 4'. W: 3.5'. As a climber, 8'. USDA Z5. (2009)

ROSA 'Lichfield Angel' (=Ausrelate) (own root), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'Lichfield Angel' (=Ausrelate) (own root)
David Austin English Rose

Deciduous. Charming pinky peach cups open to neat, creamy apricot rosettes later paling to creamy white. Light, clove fragrance. This continual bloomer produces large (4”), dome-shaped flowers that create a beautiful sight. A shapely shrub that can grow to be 4-5’ wide and 4’ tall making it wonderful for beds, borders or cottage gardens. Up to 110 petals on each bloom.

ROSA 'Life of the Party', Floribunda Rose ROSA 'Life of the Party'
Floribunda Rose

English-style shrub w/a well-behaved vigorous habit. Old-fashioned cupped shape blms of soft ylw that finish w/a kiss of pk on the petal edges. Each bloom is 3-3.5" in diameter. Fragrance is fruit and citrus like. The long lasting blossoms are produced in medium sized clusters on top of an upright, compact & bushy plant. Good for cutting, brings small spaces and containers to life. Size: 3-4' x 3'. Full sun. Petal count: 55-65. PPAF

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Limoncello' (own root)
Meidiland Shrub Rose

2017-2019 Blue Ribbon winner Outstanding low water usage WUCOLS trials. This rose bears a profusion of single, yellow blooms with dark, glossy green, disease resistant foliage. A vigorous grower, producing flowers through the summe make it perfect for landscapes and mass plantings. Light fragrance. Height: 4' Width: 4' USDA: Z5-9

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Love Song' (='Wekstameda')

Big, beautiful old-fashioned blooms! The full and ruffled lavender blooms have a petal count of 40+ and a moderate citrus scent. The flowers are borne in clusters and are very long lasting - without fading - and produced in abundance over rich green leaves. Medium, very rounded, and bushy growth habit. Good shrub, container and cut flower rose. Height: 3-4 feet. Width: 5 feet. USDA Z6. (2013) PP #24,743

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Make Me Blush' (='Wekmotonton')
Hybrid Tea

Classically formed buds open to 4-5" light yellow tea flowers that are blushed with pink and has a moderate fruity fragrance. It is easy to grow and is a great and showy cut flower with 25-40 petals per blossom and are held on long stems over deep green, glossy foliage. It blooms in late spring through summer. Height: 4-5 feet. Width: 3-4 feet. USDA Z5-10.. Resistant to mildew, rust, and rot. Somewhat resistant to blackspot. Exposure: sun/part shade. (2024) PPAF

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Malvern Hills' (syn. 'Auscanary') (own root)
David Austin English Rose

A repeat-flowering rambler with double, soft yellow blooms borns in medium to large clusters. The 2.5" blooms have a petal count of 40 with a light musky fragrance. Strong, slender growth habit with few thorns. Great for walls, fences, pergolas, and arches. Disease resistant. Height: 8-15 feet. Width: 4-5 feet. Exposure: sun/part shade. USDA Z5. (2000)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Marmalade Skies' (='Meimonblan', 'Tangerine Dream')

AARS winner. The brilliant tangerine-orange blooms are produced in abundance all season on a healthy plant with medium olive green satiny foliage. The lightly fragrant 3" blooms are semi double, with a petal count of 18-24, & borne in clusters of 5-8 blooms on a strong stem-makes a great cut flower & is ideal for single stemmed bouquets. Use for low borders & as a specimen. Compact, rounded habit: 3-4 ft. x 3 ft. Reblooms. Shade tolerant. USDA Z5. (2001) PP #12,579

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Michelangelo' (own root)

This Romantica rose is one for the gardens, with its old fashioned, bright yellow, 50 petaled blooms, set off by deep green foliage and strong stems for cutting. The wonderful, sweet lemon fragrance will win over any rose lover. Ideal for hedges and mass plantings as well. Size: 5' x 3'. Bloom time: spring - frost. Light: full sun. Water: moderate. USDA Z 4.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Molineux' (own root)
David Austin English Rose

Award-winning color & fragrance! RHS Award of Garden Merit. Many petaled, golden yellow 3-4" blooms that open wide to show deeply colored centers of a blending of peach & apricot. One of the more compact growing varieties & should be most useful in smaller gardens, containers, beds & borders. Very pleasant tea rose scent. Nearly thornless. Exceptionally free-blooming, upright shrub & disease-resistant. Ht: 4'. Width: 3'. Petal count: 120. USDA Z5.