Photo unavailable ROSA 'The Pilgrim' (own root) (=Auswalker)
David Austin English Rose, Climber

Large, perfectly formed, rosettes produced freely. Each bud opens to reveal many petals forming a shallowly-cupped rosette, eventually opening out quite flat. Petals are soft, clear ylw in the cntr & pale slightly towards the edges. Mixed fragrance of tea rose & myrrh. Upright nature but can be trained as a climber & reach a height of 8ft. Spd.: 3.5'. 140 petals. Cross between 'Graham Thomas' & 'Yellow Button'. USDA Z5. PP#8678.

ROSA 'The Poet's Wife' (=Auswhirl), David Austin English Rose ROSA 'The Poet's Wife' (=Auswhirl)
David Austin English Rose

Beautifully formed, cupped flowers of strong, unfading yellow. Fragrance is strong, lemony and becomes sweeter and stronger with age. Low, naturally rounded growth. Repeat flowering. Great for beds, borders, containers or as a cut flower. Height: 4-5'. Width: 3-4'. USDA Z6.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Top Gun' (=WEKmoridahor)

A tough-as-nails landscape rose that offers richly colored, ruby-red glistening flowers, full, dark green foliage & greatly enhanced disease resistance. Low maintenance. Produces clusters of semi-dbl, medium-sized (2.5-3") flowers, 3-5 blms per cluster. Nice fruity fragarance. Quick to repeat bloom - enjoy constant color in your garden, even into late fall. Perfect for beds, borders or containers. Size: 3-4' x 3-4'. USDA Z4. PPAF

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Top Of The World' (own root)
Miniature Flowered Climber

Produces small clusters of 2-3" flowers that are dark orange w/ creamy yellow reverse. Moderate tea to slightly fruity fragrance. Continuous blooms spring-fall beginning from the first season. Not too invasive like other full-sized climbers, vigorous variety with a shorter mature habit makes it suitable for smaller garden spaces. Size: 8-10' x 8'. Disease resistant. USDA Z6.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Tranquillity' (=Ausnoble)
David Austin English Rose

This English Musk Rose has perfectly formed, rounded flowers w/neatly placed petals-making a lovely rosette. The buds are lightly tinged yellow & open pure white late spring-frost. They carry a light apple fragrance. Upright, w/gradually arching canes. In warm climates, it can be grown as a small climber. In other climates, use as in beds or borders. Great vigor & health. Virtually thornless. H: 4'. W: 3'. USDA Z5. (2012: Austin)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Violet's Pride' (='WEKwibysicpep')

Named after the fierce Downton Abbey character Lady Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. Pointed ovoid buds swirl open to 4" blooms (35-45 petals) of rich lavender-purple with vibrant magenta centers. Its well mannered habit makes it ideal for containers on patios, or for a front-row feature in borders, where its spicy, fruity fragrance can be appreciated. Height: 3-4'. Width: 2-3'. USDA Z5.

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Westerland' (own root)
Modern, Cluster-flowered/Floribunda

Produces bright apricot-orange flowers that are a colorful addition to any garden. The double blooms are ruffled and carry a pleasant aroma. The flower clusters arrive early and appear regularly. Vigorous, upright bush with medium height and dark green foliage. Size: 10-12' x 6-8'. USDA Z5-10 (1969)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Wollerton Old Hall' (=Ausblanket)
David Austin English Rose

One of the most fragrant of all English Roses. Strong, warm, intensely floral fragrance has hints of myrrh & apricot. The plump buds, with attractive flashes of red, open to form beautifully rounded, chalice-shaped blooms of soft apricot, which eventually fading to cream. Upright bushy shrub with few thorns. Height: 5-12'. Spread: 3'. Disease resistant. Vigorous. USDA Z5-9. (2011: Austin)

Photo unavailable ROSA 'Young Lycidas' (=Ausvibrant)
David Austin English Rose

Awarded the top prize for fragrance at the 2009 Concurs Internacional de Roses, Barcelona. Magnificent, purple-magenta blms of classic old rose beauty. The flowers are quite large & deeply cupped even when fully open. Lovely tea & old rose fragrance w/hints of cedar wood. Attractive, bushy shrub. It is an excellent choice in a rose border or mixed border. Named after one of the finest poems of John Milton. Size: 3-4' x 3-4'.

Photo unavailable ROSA banksiae 'Lutea'
Lady Bank's Rose

This rose carries small, quarter sized double yellow blooms with a light fragrance that are borne in hanging clusters. In mild climates, it will cover itself with blooms early in the season. Extraordinarily vigorous. Long lived in mild winter areas. USDA Z7. Early and once blooming. Climbing, 20-30 feet. Aphid resistant. (1824)

Photo unavailable ROSA chinensis 'Mutabilis' (own root)
China Rose

Produces single, 3" blooms that start flame red and age to coppery honey-yellow, orange and red, with all the colors on the bush at the same time. Rounded in growth-but may become tall and spreading. Nice mahonany colored new growth. Shrub or climber. 3-8' x 2-6'. Shade tolerant. Continually blooming.

Photo unavailable ROSA Red Ribbons (=KORtemma)

An excellent ground cover rose with clusters of nicely formed, rich crimson blooms accented by yellow stamens. It has a light, sweet fragrance over shiny, dark green foliage with good disease resistance. The blooms are 3-3 1/2", semi-double and produced in profusion throughout the season. Size: 2-3' x 4-7'. (1990 Kordes) Asexual Propagation Strictly Prohibited. PP #9,115

Photo unavailable ROSA White Meidiland (=MELcoublan) (own root)
Meidiland Shrub Rose

Of the Meidiland ground cover roses, this one is the more manageable ground cover & has the largest flowers. Creates a hardy, vigorous mounding plant with huge Old-rose style blooms that heavily petaled & sparkling white. Sturdy, everblooming & performs well in warm climates. Disease resistant. Upright, spreading: 2-3' x 4-5'. (1987) (PP#6088)