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Photo unavailable WATERMELON 'Crimson Sweet'
Organic Watermelon

Quality & reliability make this an excellent variety. A classic, oblong 10” x 12” striped melon that weighs in at 15-25 lbs w/bt. dark-red, juicy, sweet flesh. It is famous for its flavor! The juice is so sweet, the melons will disappear from your refrigerator in no time flat. The fruits are light green w/dk green stripes. It was an All-American Selection winner in 1964. Resistant to fusarium wilt and anthracnose. Sun. (Maturity: 85 days)

Photo unavailable WATERMELON 'Sugar Baby'
Organic Watermelon

This is the standard for small (icebox) watermelons; saves space in the garden & refrigerator! Sweet & juicy. Excellent Northern, short-season type that produces reliable yields of 6-12 lb, perfectly round fruits, from 7-8.5” in diameter. Has a solid green rind & deep red flesh that resists cracking. This strain has been selected for cool growing conditions & high yields. Good resistance to drought & disease. Sun. (Maturity: 75 days)

Photo unavailable WEIGELA Prism 'Arabian Nights'
Photo unavailable WEIGELA Towers of Flowers 'Appleblossom'

Shrub: Truly a showstopper, this upright shrub becomes a tower of cascading large shell pink flowers, blooming in clusters on the entire stem. The flowers fade to a pale pinkish white, giving a lovely confetti-like feeling. Exposure: partial sun/ shade or in full sun in temperate environments. Attracts butterflies & hummingbirds. Bloom time: free-bloomer from spring-summer. Height: 48". Spread: 36". USDA Z6.

Photo unavailable WEIGELA Towers of Flowers 'Cherry'

Shrub: A showstopping shrub, this upright free-bloomer showcases whole stems filled with gorgeous cherry red blossom clusters, bursting against lush green-bronze foliage. Exposure: full sun/part shade. Attracts butterflies & hummingbirds. Bloom time: spring-summer. Height: 4'. Width: 24". USDA Z6.

Photo unavailable WEIGELA x hybrida Prism 'Magic Carpet' (='Vpwg18-06')

Shrub: Deciduous. Deer & clay tolerant. A dwarf selection that has pretty color changing foliage in a range of colors from a green base with chartreuse to orange tones. Sports pretty bell-shaped flowers. Use as a background, border, woodland and container plant. Good cut flower. Attracts hummingbirds. Bloom time: spring-summer. Bloom color: pink. Height: 24 inches. Width: 18 inches. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z4. PP #34,192

Photo unavailable WINTER SAVORY
Organic Heirloom Winter Savory

Heirloom variety. Perennial Herb. Fire retardant. Good border plants and ground cover. Harvest leaves just before flowers bud. Winter Savory is available year-round. Bloom color: white. Height: 18 inches. Exposure: sun. Water: average. Hardy (SATUREJA montana)(aka Mountain Savory)

Photo unavailable WOODWARDIA fimbriata
Giant Chain Fern

Perennial: Evergreen. Deer resistant. Native from British Colombia to Mexico. Among the largest native Western ferns. It has coarse, leathery leaves. Use near a pool or brook, against a shaded wall or in a woodland setting. Protect from high wind. Height: up to 9'. Leaves: 36-72". Exposure: filtered sun or bright shade. Water: moist-not soggy. USDA Z8.

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