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Photo unavailable MADIA elegans
Elegant Tarweed

Annual: Deer, drought & clay tolerant. CA native to grasslands & open forests. Large, 2" daisy-like blms are solid ylw or may have a red spot at the base of each petal forming a ring. Bright, showy & pineapple scented! Blms mid-summer to fall. Late season nectar source for bees, butterflies & other beneficial insects. The seeds are loved by small mammals & birds, especially finches. Size: 3-4' x 3'. Full sun. Water: mod.-dry.

Photo unavailable MANDEVILLA laxa
Chilean Jasmine

Climber: Deciduous vine with bronze tinged leaves and clusters of large 3" trumpet-shaped fragrant flowers. Heavy bloomer with gardenia-like perfume. Bloom time: summer-fall. Bloom color: white. Height: 10-20'. Width: 15'. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z9. (syn. M. suaveolens)

MANDEVILLA Tropical Breeze 'Velvet Red', MANDEVILLA Tropical Breeze 'Velvet Red'

Climber: A vigorous tropical that produces abundant clusters of very dark, velvet red flowers. Dark glossy green leaves with excellent disease resistance. Vigorously covers trellis in pots or in the sunny garden. Better heat and cold tolerance than other mandevillas and is fast growing. Bloom time: summer-fall. Height: 15-20 feet. Exposure: sun. Water: moderate. USDA Z10.

Photo unavailable MANETTIA luteorubra (syn. M. bicolor, M. inflata)
Brazilian Firecracker, Firecracker Vine

Climbing Perennial Herb or Shrub: South American native. Good on trellis', small trees & in hanging pots & containers. Can also grow indoors in bright light. Bloom time: spring-summer. Tubular 1-2" red flowers have gold tips & resemble lit firecrackers. Vining growth habit, 6-12'. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moist. USDA Z10-11. (aka Candy Corn Vine).

Photo unavailable MANGAVE 'Bloodspot'
Agave x Manfreda Hybrid

Shrub: Drought tolerant. A gorgeous hybrid of Japanese origin. Forms an upright, compact rosette. Grey-green leaves are dashed w/spots of cranberry & edged w/maroon. Lime green tubular flowers are displayed atop tall spikes. Perfect for smaller gardens, this slow grower rarely produces offsets. Attractive in rock gardens or combined w/other succulents. Elegant choice for containers. Ht.: 12" (6' w/flower) Width: 15". Exp.: full sun. Water: dry. USDA Z9.

Photo unavailable MANGAVE 'Macho Mocha'
Agave x Manfreda Hybrid

Shrub: Evergreen. Drought tolerant. A slow-growing succulent that forms a rosette. Thick, fleshy blue-green lvs are thickly covered w/reddish-brown spots, especially towards the tips. A reddish flower spike topped by creamy-white flowers rises from the center, at which time new plants emerge from below the rosette. Attracts hummingbirds. Bloom time: spring. Size: 2-3' (8' w/flower) x 4-6'. Exp.: full sun/part shade. USDA Z8.

Photo unavailable MARIGOLD 'Tangerine Gem'
Organic Marigold

Produces tons of petite tangerine flowers atop neat, low mounds of lacy foliage. Compact dwarf. Deer resistant. Good for beds, borders, containers or rock gardens. The leaves and flowers have a subtle citrus aroma and the flowers can be used as an edible salad garnishment. Height: 8-10". Bloom time: spring-fall. Exposure: sun. Water: moderate. (Tagetes tenuifolia 'Tangerine Gem')

Photo unavailable MARJORAM, SWEET-
Organic Marjoram

A milder, sweeter relative of oregano. Use fresh or dried. Like basil, pinch flowers to promote leaf growth. Many gardeners have successfully over-wintered this tender perennial, while others pot it up in the fall to bring delight to a winter kitchen. To dry, harvest stems to hang in bundles. Lvs can be easily stripped off when dry. Ht: 1-2 ft. Exp: sun. Water: moderate/dry. USDA Z9-10. (Maturity: 85 days) (Origanum majorana)

MECARDONIA hybrid 'GoldDust', MECARDONIA hybrid 'GoldDust'

Small deep yellow flowers appear late spring/early summer. Excellent heat tolerance. Low maintenance landscape plant that also works well in baskets and planters. Attracts butteflies and hummingbirds. Height: 2-5". Width: 1-2'. Exposure: sun.

MELIANTHUS major, Honey Bush MELIANTHUS major
Honey Bush

Evergreen shrub: Drought tolerant. Deer resistant. Has an irregular growth habit, where some branches sprawl and some are semi-erect. The foliage is grayish green to blue-gray. Bloom time: winter-spring. Bloom color: brownish crimson to deep brick-red. Ht: 6-10'. W: 3-10'. Exposure: sun. Water: moderate/dry. USDA Z8.

Photo unavailable MELICA cilata
Photo unavailable MELICA mutica
Two-flowered Melic

Perennial Grass: Given to us by John Greenlee & part of the Greenlee Meadow Collection. Found primarily in open areas in woods. Blooms early June through late July. Tolerates dry or rocky soils. Excellent for attracting wildlife. The birds love to eat the dried seed heads.

Photo unavailable MELICA nitens
Three-flowered Melick Grass

Perennial Grass: Deciduous. Given to us by John Greenlee & part of the Greenlee Meadow Collection. A very graceful-looking, rhizomatous, cool-season grass that's clump-forming & slowly spreads. Carpets of thick blade-like bt. green accompanied by cream feather-like flower spikes in late spring-summer. The grass has spikelets w/2-4 flowers each. Wonderful woodland grass. Ht: 3-5'. Exp.: pt shade. Water: mod.

MELISSA officinalis (Lemon Balm), Organic Lemon Balm MELISSA officinalis (Lemon Balm)
Organic Lemon Balm

Perennial. Lemon balm is a strongly aromatic herb with a lemony fragrance and excellent medicinal and culinary qualities. Best to use when fresh. Use in warm or cold drinks, deserts and salads. Great to use when cooking. Forms a nice green clump of heart shaped leaves 12-18" tall. Best to harvest in mid to late afternoon when the oils are strongest.
Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: mod. USDA Z4.

Photo unavailable MELON 'Crane'
Organic Heirloom Melon

Heirloom - Devolped by local Sonoma County farmer Oliver Crane by crossing a cantaloupe with a Japanese melon. This Crenshaw-type melon produces 4-6 pound teardrop-shaped fruit that have light-orange flesh that is very sweet and juicy. The skin is green with orange spots when ripe. Plant in sun. (Maturity: 75-85 days) (Cucumis melo 'Crane')

Photo unavailable MELON 'Emerald Gem'
Organic Melon

Heirloom-Most popular melon of the late 1800's, hailed as “altogether unapproached in delicious flavor & luscious beyond description.” Small 2-3 lb fruits ripen from emerald green to ylw-brown. Pale orng flesh is juicy, sweet, & somewhat spicy in flavor. Fruits are borne on compact plants. Heavy producer. Plant in sun. Short harvest window; pick melons when skin becomes netted & fruits slip from the vine. (Maturity: 70-90 days)

Photo unavailable MENTHA 'Berries and Cream'
Berries and Cream Mint

Perennial Herb: A delectable mint! Its lvs have a fruity scent and taste, making it a wonderful garnish for summer drinks, fruit dishes, and some meat dishes. More compact than other varieties, perfect for smaller spaces or containers. Easy to dry or freeze. Fairly drought tolerant. Attracts butterflies and bees. Blooms: summer-fall. Bloom color: mauve. Height: 18-24". Width: 12-18". Exp.: sun/part shade. Water: mod. USDA Z5.

MENTHA 'Hillary's Sweet Lemon', Sweet Lemon Spearmint MENTHA 'Hillary's Sweet Lemon'
Sweet Lemon Spearmint

Perennial Herb: A hybrid of apple mint & lime mint. It has the crisp flavor & vigorous growth of apple with the lovely leaf & citrus undertones of lime. Very unusual & delicious. Great for tea & bar drinks. Named after Hillary Clinton, First Lady of the United States & herb enthusiast. Fairly drought tolerant. Attracts butterflies. Height: 2-3'. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z5.

Photo unavailable MENTHA 'Jessica's Sweet Pear'
Sweet Pear Mint

Perennial Herb: A vigorous upright mint with large, rounded green foliage. It is known for its sweet flavor & pear-like scent. Its sweet flavor makes this mint ideal for teas and other drinks. Also great for adding sweet flavor to any dish. Upright variety that is free of runners which makes it perfect to plant alongside other herbs in gardens. Fairly drought tolerant. Blm time: summer. Blm color: pink. Height: 20". Exp.: sun/part shade. Water: mod. USDA Z5.

MENTHA requienii (Corsican Mint), Corsican Mint MENTHA requienii (Corsican Mint)
Corsican Mint

Perennial Herb: Great between stepping stones. Forms a dense carpet. Can take foot traffic. Releases a very fresh cleansing aroma when brushed against. This diminutive mint has long been used as flavoring for crème de menthe liqueur. Bloom time: summer. Bloom color: lavender. Height: less then an inch. Spread: indefinite (but not invasive). Exposure: sun-part shade: Water: moderate-moist. USDA Z7.

Photo unavailable MENTHA spicata 'Crispa'
Wrinkle-Leafed Spearmint, Curly Mint

Perennial Herb: A fancy and very fragrant form of spearmint with distinctive broad curled leaves. Sweet mint flavor. Use as a flavoring or garnish, in teas, baths, as room deoderizer or as a mouth freshener! Fairly drought tolerant. Best kept in containers to avoid spreading vigorously. Bloom time: mid-late summer. Bloom color: mauve. Height: 1.5-2'. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z4.

MENTHA spicata 'Kentucky Colonel', Spearmint MENTHA spicata 'Kentucky Colonel'

Perennial Herb: Official herb in the Kentucky Derby's mint julep drink, which is where name originated. Superior foliage to the species, ovate to lanceolate dk grn lvs up to 3" long. Lvs have a characteristic spearmint flavor & taste. Use as a flavoring or garnish, in teas, baths, as room deoderizer or as a mouth freshener! Fairly drought tolerant. Bloom color: lilac/lav., pk to wht. Ht.: 24-36". Exp.: sun/part shade. Water: mod. USDA Z5.

Photo unavailable MENTHA spicata 'Moroccan'
Moroccan Spearmint

Perennial Herb: Highly potent mint with an unmistakable sweet spearminty scent! Excellent for teas! Close set, large leaves w/purple undersides and dark stems. Perfect for sauces, vegetable dishes, salads or any dish that requires a true mint flavor. Fairly drought tolerant. Attracts bees & butterflies. Best kept in containers to avoid spreading vigorously. Blm time: summer. Blm color: lilac. Height: 24". Width: 24". Exp.: sun/pt shade. Water: mod. USDA Z5.

Photo unavailable MENTHA spicata 'Smooth' (Smooth Spearmint)
Smooth Leaf Spearmint

Perennial Herb: Very versatile mint! Use as a flavoring or garnish, in teas, baths, as room deoderizer or as a mouth freshener! Fairly drought tolerant. We received this mint as Mentha spicata but this variety looks different than our Mentha spicata, which we have been growing for years. So we have named this variety 'Smooth', since the leaf is smooth compared to ours. Blm time: summer. Blm color: lavender-pink. Ht: 1.5-2'. Exp.: sun/pt shade. Water: mod. Hardy.

Photo unavailable MENTHA spicata 'Spanish'
Spanish Spearmint

Perennial Herb: Great for borders or herb gardens. Best kept contained to avoid vigorous spread. Highly aromatic with a strong spearmint flavor. Use as a flavoring or garnish for meat & poultry, in hot dishes, soups, oil infusions, salads & teas. Attracts butterflies & bees. Bloom time: summer. Bloom color: lilac. Height: 2'. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate.


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