Shrubs & Trees (R)

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Photo unavailable RHUS pendulina
White Karee

Tree: Evergreen. Drought tolerant. Native to South Africa. Moderate-sized tree w/ graceful, tidy habit that is well suited for small-medium sized gardens. Use as a street tree, near water, as a shade tree, informal hedge, screen or barrier against wind. Attracts birds, butterflies & bees. Willowy lt grn lvs against attractive lt grey bark that becomes coarse & flaky as the tree ages. Tiny grnish-yellow flwrs appear spring-summer followed by small round berries. Ht: 20-30'. (SEARSIA pendulina)

RIBES aureum var. aureum, Western Golden Currant RIBES aureum var. aureum
Western Golden Currant

Shrub: Western native plant valued for its large, black edible fruit. Blooms in mid-spring, with highly fragrant yellow flowers reminiscent of cloves or vanilla. Nice display of orange to red fall foliage. Size: 4-6' x 4-6'. Exposure: full sun/shade.

Photo unavailable RIBES hirtellum 'Pixwell' (Pixwell Gooseberry)
Pixwell Gooseberry

Shrub: Deciduous. Commonly sold & very productive cultivar developed in N. Dakota in 1932. Low-growing, almost thornless bushes are very hardy & bear medium-sized fruit, starts out green, turning purple upon ripening. Delicious fresh or for pies & jellies. Bears the second year, yields 4-6 qts. a year at maturity. Easy to pick; withstands drought. Self-pollinating. Exp: sun/pt shade. Water: mod. Ht: 3-5'. W: 3-4'. USDA Z3.

RIBES viburnifolium, Catalina Currant, Island Gooseberry RIBES viburnifolium
Catalina Currant, Island Gooseberry

Shrub: Drought tolerant. Deer resistant. California native. A low-growing evergreen currant with handsome fragrant leaves & dark red stems. Small clusters of interesting star-shaped maroon flowers decorate the arching branches in late winter to early spring. Excellent under oaks & for erosion control in dry, shaded spots. Berries appeal to birds. Height: 2-3'. Width: 4-6'. Water: moderate/dry. Exp: part shade/shade. USDA Z6.

RUBUS pentalobus (syn. R. calycinoides, R. fockeanus), Bramble, Creeping Raspberry RUBUS pentalobus (syn. R. calycinoides, R. fockeanus)
Bramble, Creeping Raspberry

Evergreen shrub: Border, rock garden, slope & ground cover plant. Produces small edible salmon-red colored berries. Attracts butterflies. Blooms: summer. Color: white. Dense carpet former: 4" x 1' per year, roots as it grows. Exposure: sun/shade. Water: moderate/dry. Tolerates drought, deer, clay & coast. Somewhat gopher resistant. USDA Z6-9.

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