Grass (N)

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NASSELLA pulchra (syn. STIPA pulchra), Purple Needle Grass NASSELLA pulchra (syn. STIPA pulchra)
Purple Needle Grass

California Native Grass. Deer resistant and semi-deciduous. A medium sized grass that was once a dominant species of California prairies. This grass has slender foliage that forms a graceful clump 1 foot tall and wide, with beautiful airy flowers and seedheads that reach to 3 feet tall. Bloom time: winter-spring. Exposure: sun.. Water: moderate/dry (little to no water once established). USDA Z7.

Photo unavailable NASSELLA tenuissima (syn. STIPA tenuissima)
Mexican Feather Grass, Giant Feather Grass

Perennial: Deer resistant. Good for erosion control. Nice airy look. Self-sows. Plumes: silky green to brown at maturity. Foliage: light green. Growth: 1-2 feet x 1-2 feet. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z7.

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