Vine (M)

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Photo unavailable MANDEVILLA laxa
Chilean Jasmine

Climber: Deciduous vine with bronze tinged leaves and clusters of large 3" trumpet-shaped fragrant flowers. Heavy bloomer with gardenia-like perfume. Bloom time: summer-fall. Bloom color: white. Height: 10-20'. Width: 15'. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z9. (syn. M. suaveolens)

MANDEVILLA Tropical Breeze 'Velvet Red', MANDEVILLA Tropical Breeze 'Velvet Red'

Climber: A vigorous tropical that produces abundant clusters of very dark, velvet red flowers. Dark glossy green leaves with excellent disease resistance. Vigorously covers trellis in pots or in the sunny garden. Better heat and cold tolerance than other mandevillas and is fast growing. Bloom time: summer-fall. Height: 15-20 feet. Exposure: sun. Water: moderate. USDA Z10.

Photo unavailable MANETTIA luteorubra (syn. M. bicolor, M. inflata)
Brazilian Firecracker, Firecracker Vine

Climbing Perennial Herb or Shrub: South American native. Good on trellis', small trees & in hanging pots & containers. Can also grow indoors in bright light. Bloom time: spring-summer. Tubular 1-2" red flowers have gold tips & resemble lit firecrackers. Vining growth habit, 6-12'. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moist. USDA Z10-11. (aka Candy Corn Vine).

Photo unavailable MUEHLENBECKIA complexa 'Big Leaf'
Creeping Wire Vine

Vine: A vigorous, evergreen shrub or twining climber that forms a dense mass of wiry stems & glossy green leaves, much larger than other varieties. It will climb up & over posts & trellis with little support, or scramble along the ground making an excellent weed suppressing ground cover. Adaptable as houseplant. Nice foliage interest. Bloom color: white. Height: 4-6". Spread: 18-24". Exp: sun/part shade.

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