Annual (G)

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GILIA capitata, Blue Thimble, Queen Anne's Thimbles, Globe Gilia GILIA capitata
Blue Thimble, Queen Anne's Thimbles, Globe Gilia

Annual: Robust native to much of CA. Drought tolerant. Tall, slender heavy bloomer. Self-sows. Produces scented, 1-2" lav.-blue flwrs held in spherical clusters spring-summer. The flowers look a bit like a pincushion. Perfect for roadside plantings, flower gardens, meadows, or containers. Bee & butterfly friendly. Size 1-2' x 1'. Tolerates almost any soil & some shade but does best in full sun. Low to moderate water. USDA Z3.

GILIA tricolor, Birds Eyes GILIA tricolor
Birds Eyes

Annual: California native. Drought tolerant. Extremely floriferous! Produces tons of dainty 1/2" light blue or violet flowers set off by powder-blue stamens & a yellow throat w/dk purple ring at the top. Blooms on bushy, ferny upright stems. Has a subtle, sweet & chocolatey scent. Excellent in bouquets or sunny borders. Attracts bees, butterflies & hummingbirds. Size: 24" x 18". Exp.: full sun/pt shade. Water: mod./dry. Self-sows.

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