Archived Plants List

The plants in this list are displayed for reference purposes only; we no longer grow or sell them.

Botanical name Common name
CAMPANULA portenschlagiana 'Catharina' Dalmatian Bellflower
CAMPANULA portenschlagiana 'Miss Melanie' Bellflower
CAMPANULA poscharskyana 'Adansa Pink' Serbian Bellflower
CAMPANULA poscharskyana 'Adansa Purple' Serbian Bellflower
CAMPANULA poscharskyana 'Alba' Serbian Bellflower
CAMPANULA punctata 'Cherry Bells' Spotted Bellflower
CAMPANULA punctata 'Milky Way' Spotted Bellflower
CAMPANULA rotundifolia 'White Gem' Bluebell of Scotland, Harebell, Bellflower
CAMPANULA x pulloides 'Jelly Bells' Bellflower
CANNA 'Burning Ember' Dwarf Canna
CANNA 'City of Portland' Canna
CANNA 'Cleopatra' Canna
CANNA 'Crimson Beauty' Canna
CANNA 'Golden Lucifer' Dwarf Canna
CANNA 'Herb's White' Canna
CANNA 'Liberty Pink' Canna
CANNA 'Miss Oklahoma' Dwarf Canna
CANNA 'Pretoria' (syn. 'Bengal Tiger') Canna
CANNA 'Rosemond Cole' Dwarf Canna
CANNA 'Striped Beauty' (syn. 'Bangkok Yellow') Canna
CANNA 'Tangelo' Canna
CANNA 'Tropicana' Canna Lily
CANNA glauca 'Erebus' Water Canna
CANNA indica 'Louis Cotton' Dwarf Canna Lily
CANNA species - pink flowering Canna
CANNA species - red flowering Red Canna
CANNA x generalis 'Pfitzer's Primrose Yellow' Dwarf Canna
CANNA x generalis 'Wyoming' Canna
CANTALOUPE 'Rocky Ford' aka 'Eden Gem' Organic Cantaloupe
CANTALOUPE hybrid 'Honey Bun' Bush Cantaloupe
CARDOON 'Pieno Inerme' Organic Cardoon
CAREX brunnea 'Variegata' (syn. C. elegantissima 'Variegata') Golden Edged Sedge
CAREX caryophyllea 'Beatlemania' Beatlemania Sedge, Mop Top Sedge
CAREX comans 'Frosted Curls' New Zealand Hairy Sedge
CAREX conica 'Marginata' (syn. C. 'Variegata') Miniature Variegated Sedge (Ornamental Grass)