PHILODENDRON 'Jose Bueno' (syn. 'Jose Buono') (#PHIJOB6 - PR04)

PHILODENDRON 'Jose Bueno' (syn. 'Jose Buono')

Shrub: Evergreen. A rare variegated plant that is too 'Bueno' to miss! Striking heart-shaped green leaves w/variegation that ranges from white or cream specks, to mottling, to half-moon, or half the leaf being two-toned. Slow growing. Upright, clumping tropical plant. Ht: 10 ft. USDA Z9-11. Expos: part shade/shade. Indoors as a houseplant: Provide indirect, bright light. Ht: 4 ft. Water: moist. Mist to increase humidity when needed. Toxic to humans, cats & dogs if ingested.

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