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Photo unavailable TOMATO, CHERRY 'Sweetie'
Organic Tomato

Bursting w/sugary flavor, ‘Sweetie' produces scarlet, cherry-sized fruits in long clusters right up to frost. Bears 100 or more tomatoes w/a mouth-watering flavor. You’ll definitely want to stake or cage these vigorous climbers to keep the fruit off the ground & avoid pests & diseases. Indeterminate (grows tall, so provide some support). Vigorous and hardy. Plant in sun. (Maturity: 65 days) (Solanum lycopersicum ‘Sweetie').

Photo unavailable TOMATO, CHERRY 'Yellow Pear'
Organic Heirloom Cherry Tomato

Heirloom-A pre-1800 variety. Produces 1/4 oz. fruits of bt. yellow pear-shaped tomatoes! These have an excellent mild/sweet flavor & low acid content. Use in salads, eat right in the garden, pickle or make a yellow sauce with it, also preserves well. Thick - skinned & crack resistant. A very heavy producer. Fairly cold tolerant. Full sun. Indeterminate. (Maturity: 75-85 days) (Solanum lycopersicum ‘Yellow Pear’)

Photo unavailable TOMATO, ROMA 'San Marzano'
Organic Heirloom Roma Tomato

Heirloom-Classic Italian variety, excellent, all around tomato for paste, puree or canning. Prized for firm pulp, low seed count, skin that is easily removed, & producing a rich tomato flavor when cooked down. Med. sized plum-shaped, avg. 4 oz. & 2-3” in size. Many chefs consider this the best sauce tomato.. Plant in sun. Indeterminate (grows tall, so provide some support). (Maturity: 80 days)(Solanum lycopersicum ‘San Marzano’)

Photo unavailable VALERIANA officinalis (Valerian)
Garden Heliotrope

Perennial. Valerian is highly prized as a medicinal herb. Low growing with delicate fern like foliage gives way to 4-foot clusters of pale pink flowers June-September. Very attractive in herb gardens. Valerian is used to soothe anxiety, relieve pain, and calm minds that cannot fall asleep. Height: 1.5-2.5'. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: mod-moist. USDA Z 3-9.

Photo unavailable WATERMELON 'Crimson Sweet'
Organic Watermelon

Quality & reliability make this an excellent variety. A classic, oblong 10” x 12” striped melon that weighs in at 15-25 lbs w/bt. dark-red, juicy, sweet flesh. It is famous for its flavor! The juice is so sweet, the melons will disappear from your refrigerator in no time flat. The fruits are light green w/dk green stripes. It was an All-American Selection winner in 1964. Resistant to fusarium wilt and anthracnose. Sun. (Maturity: 85 days)

Photo unavailable WATERMELON 'Sugar Baby'
Organic Watermelon

This is the standard for small (icebox) watermelons; saves space in the garden & refrigerator! Sweet & juicy. Excellent Northern, short-season type that produces reliable yields of 6-12 lb, perfectly round fruits, from 7-8.5” in diameter. Has a solid green rind & deep red flesh that resists cracking. This strain has been selected for cool growing conditions & high yields. Good resistance to drought & disease. Sun. (Maturity: 75 days)


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