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Photo unavailable SPINACH 'Viroflay' (aka 'Monstrueux de Viroflay')
Organic Heirloom Spinach

Heirloom-Good spring or fall variety. The giant, smooth, med. grn lvs are low in acid, tender & succulent. It is a vigorous producer for high yields of baby leaf or full size lvs that are 10" long & 8" wide. It has a great flavor! It is recommended for fall crops and for overwintering under mulch. Snip the largest leaves with scissors so not to disturb the crown and it will produce for a long time. Sun to part shade. (Maturity: 50 days)

Photo unavailable SQUASH, SUMMER 'Black Beauty' Zucchini
Organic Heirloom Zucchini

Heirloom-Bush type, that produces high yields of straight, dk green zucchini squash. Outer surface is very smooth & glossy w/creamy white flesh. Best when harvested when squash is 8” long. This is a prolific grower & will keep you well supplied all season long. Fruits are delicious when sliced & served fresh, fried, steamed or simmered. Great choice for small gardens. Freezes well. Sun to part shade. (Maturity: 60 days)

Photo unavailable SQUASH, SUMMER 'Costata Romanesco'
Organic Heirloom Zucchini

Heirloom-This Italian zucchini wins every taste test based on its unique, slightly nutty flavor & exceptional texture. Tender gray-green skin & prominent ribbing also give this Italian variety a distinctive appearance. Great picked at 6” or smaller w/the flower still attached and fried whole. Big, large-leafed bush w/only about half the yield of hybrids, but much better tasting; nutty, & delicious raw or cooked. (Maturity: 54 days)

Photo unavailable SQUASH, SUMMER 'Sunburst' F1 ('Patty Pan')
Organic Summer Squash

Summer scallop squash w/bright, dp ylw skin w/good eating quality. Good yielder of tender, rounded squash w/a scallop. Delicious as it is colorful & it’s the earliest and most productive of the yellow scallopini! Can be picked tiny, w/the blossom still attached or up to 6-8” across without losing its tender, buttery flavor. Vigorous plant. Plant in sun. All-America Selections winner in 1985. (Maturity: 52 days) (Cucurbita pepo ‘Sunburst’)

Photo unavailable SQUASH, SUMMER 'Yellow Crookneck'
Organic Heirloom Summer Squash

Heirloom-This is an American institution, domesticated by Native North Americans before the Pilgrims. A light, lemon-yellow variety w/tender, warty skin & creamy white flesh. Pick at 5-6” long or smaller for best flavor & tenderness. Good for baking, grilling & steaming. Very prolific. Plant in sun. If left to over-grow, it can also be used for a dk yellow, warty ornamental gourd. (Maturity: 50 days) (Cucurbita pepo ‘Yellow Crookneck’)

Photo unavailable SQUASH, WINTER 'Delicata'
Organic Heirloom Winter Squash

Heirloom-Has a high sugar content & an incredibly delicate, sweet flavor. Also known as sweet potato squash or peanut squash because of its shape. It has superbly delicate flesh. The fruits are 1-1.5 lbs each & 7-10” long w/green stripes & dots on lightly colored skin. The skin is so delicate it can be eaten w/skin on. Non-bitter & non-hard shelled fruit. Very productive & stores well. Enjoy steamed or baked. (Maturity: 95 days)

Photo unavailable SQUASH, WINTER 'Spaghetti'
Organic Winter Squash

Fork out the squash pasta! When raw, the flesh is solid & similar to other raw squash. When cooked, the flesh falls away from the fruit in ribbons or strands like spaghetti. It makes a fun treat for the family w/kid friendly vegetable appeal. The oblong, medium-sized lt. ylw fruits have very sweet flesh. This can be baked, boiled or steamed. Fork out the “spaghetti” and top w/your favorite sauce. Plant in sun. (Maturity: 90 days)

Photo unavailable SQUASH, WINTER 'Table Queen'
Organic Heirloom Acorn Squash

Heirloom–sets the standard for Acorn squash & it started the rage for small individual fall squashes. This is an open pollinated & highly popular variety that bears 1.5-3 lbs fruits. Vines are 3-4’ in length. Very vigorous & prolific. Can withstand poor soil conditions & keeps very well. Flesh is a thick, pale orange w/excellent flavor. Excellent for baking. Sun. (Maturity: 92 days) (Cucurbita pepo ‘Table Queen’ aka ‘Des Moines’, ‘Danish’)

Photo unavailable SQUASH, WINTER 'Waltham Butternut'
Organic Heirloom Winter Squash

Heirloom-1970 AAS winner, years of patient refinement & selection by Bob Young of Waltham, Massachusetts. The most widely-grown butternut variety. Prized for its straight necks, rich dry ylw-orng flesh, nutty flavor & high-yielding vines. Uniform 4-5 lbs fruits have smooth, tan skin, easily peeled w/a potato peeler. If cured well & stored properly, Waltham will keep well into winter. Great flavor! Sun. (Maturity: 105 days)

Photo unavailable STEVIA rebaudiana-
Organic Stevia, Sweetleaf or Sugarleaf

Tender perennial: Good sugar substitute. Native to mountains of Brazil and Paraguay. Likes heat and can be grown as a perennial in frost free areas. Best if planted in the summer and harvested before flowering. Height: 2-3 feet. Bloom color: white with a pale purple throat. Exposure: sun. Water: moderate. USDA Z9.

SUNFLOWER 'Mammoth', Organic Heirloom Sunflower SUNFLOWER 'Mammoth'
Organic Heirloom Sunflower

An amazing giant heirloom sunflower with enormous blooms, up to 1 ft. across. Large yellow flowers with brown centers top plants 9-12 ft. tall & yield heavy loads of seeds. Fast and easy to grow, great for creating a sunforest for kids, a tall hedge or screen. Edible seeds attract birds and make great snacks. Days to maturity: 80.

Photo unavailable SWISS CHARD 'Bright Lights'
Organic Swiss Chard

1998 All-America Selections Winner. Has stems of many colors including gold, pink, orange, purple, red, & white w/bright & pastel variations. The 18-22” lvs are grn or bronze & lightly savoyed. The taste is milder than ordinary chard, w/each color having a slightly different flavor. In the young stage, the lvs may be used like spinach. Great for salads. Plant in full sun, but will tolerate some shade. (Maturity: 28 baby, 55 bunching)

Photo unavailable SWISS CHARD 'Fordhook Giant'
Organic Heirloom Swiss Chard

Heirloom-A top seller every year. The delicate pale green 8-10” stalks are wonderfully tender & juicy. It has broad white stems & midribs w/dp grn, savoyed lvs. High yield potential makes this variety a successful addition to every grower’s list. Best in full sun but tolerates partial shade. Tolerates cold & heat. Is also an excellent poultry, rabbit & goat food source. Ht: 24-28". (Maturity: 25 days baby, 50 full size)

Photo unavailable SWISS CHARD 'Golden'
Organic Heirloom Swiss Chard

Heirloom-Emerald green baby leaves start out with yellow stems and veins that intensify to a rich golden yellow at maturity. Leaves are savoyed with moderately thick stems. Very mild and sweet flavor. Height: 20-24". (Maturity: 28 baby, 55 bunching)

Photo unavailable SWISS CHARD 'Pink Passion'
Organic Swiss Chard

Striking pink veins and stems contrast nicely with emerald green leaves. Adds nice color and flavor to salads. Size: 20-24". Full sun or part shade. Prefers rich, moist well-drained soil. (Maturity: 28 baby, 55 bunching)

Photo unavailable SWISS CHARD 'Ruby Red' (aka 'Rhubarb')
Organic Heirloom Swiss Chard

Heirloom-Rich, crimson red stems & bt. grn savoyed lvs make this the standard for red chards. Especially nice for a micro-green or baby leaf because stem & leaf veins color early. Has sweet & tender rhubarb-like stalks that are decorative & tasty. Described as being tastier than spinach, w/stalks that crunch like celery w/a slight hint of asparagus. Tolerates some shade.(Maturity: 30 days baby, 60 full size).

Photo unavailable TARRAGON, FRENCH (ARTEMISIA dracunculus var. sativa)
Organic Tarragon

Organic Perennial Herb: Deciduous. Drought tolerant. Deer resistant. Excellent culinary use to flavor in vinegars, dressings, herb spreads & fish dishes-Strong flavor. Good border and container plant. Spreads by rhizomes. Goes dormant in winter. Size: 2-3' x 2'. Bloom color: greenish white. Exposure: sun. Water: moderate/dry. USDA Z3.

Photo unavailable THYME, ENGLISH
Organic Thyme

Makes a beautiful border along herb & flower beds growing to about 6-12”. Very versatile culinary staple, can successfully flavor any meat & vegetable dish. Winter hardy, does well in cool regions. Perennial Herb: Evergreen. Drought & coast resistant. Deer resistant. Somewhat gopher resistant. Attract butterflies. Blm time: summer-fall. Blms: white to lavender-pk. Exp.: sun. Water: mod/dry. USDA Z4. (Maturity: 90 days)

Photo unavailable TOMATILLO 'De Milpa'
Organic Heirloom Tomatillo

Heirloom-Mexican heirloom. Produces fruits that are delicious raw or stewed and are the key ingredient of salsa verde. Small to medium round fruits are about 5/8” in diameter and store fresh for many weeks. Harvest when the fruit is plump and papery husk splits. Tomatillos ripen fruit early and are adapted North and South. Plant in sun and grow as you would a tomato plant. (Maturity: 70 days) (Physalis ixocarpa ‘De Milpa’)

Photo unavailable TOMATILLO 'Toma Verde'
Organic Tomatillo

Early, green variety. Tart when young & fruit becomes sweeter as it ripens. Medium to large size fruits, ready to harvest when husks split & fruit color changes yellow-green to medium green. The fruits are about the size of a small tomato. Perfect for Salsa Verde or a special addition to any Mexican dish. Plant in sun & grow as you would a tomato plant. Semi-determinate. (Maturity: 60 days) (Physalis ixocarpa ‘Toma Verde’)

Photo unavailable TOMATO 'Brandywine'
Organic Heirloom Tomato (aka "Red Brandywine')

Heirloom-One of the best-tasting tomatoes! Luscious flavor, been described as “very rich, loud & spicy.” Large fruits, often over 1 lb., have a deep pink skin & smooth red flesh. The medium-tall, potato-leaf plant is best staked or caged. Very productive. Indeterminate (tall growing, so provide some support). Plant in full sun. (Maturity: 78 days) (Solanum lycopersicum ‘Brandywine’)

Photo unavailable TOMATO 'Cherokee Green'
Organic Tomato

A selection from Cherokee Purple. Amber green fruit with a yellowish hue. Outstanding sweet flavor & texture. This is one of the best tasting, most flavorful of all the green Tomatoes. This large, beefsteak variety gets 12-16 oz. Indeterminate (tall growing, provide some support). Plant in full sun. (Maturity: 85 days)(Solanum lycopersicum ‘Cherokee Green’).

Photo unavailable TOMATO 'Cherokee Purple'
Organic Heirloom Tomato

Heirloom-Brownish-prpl skin w/green shoulders & red flesh. It is the most popular of the black tomatoes for its outstanding sweet flavor & texture. The large, beefsteak gets 12-16 oz. It is widely grown by gardeners & market growers alike. Believed to trace back over 100 yrs to the Cherokee Indians. Indeterminate(tall growing, provide some support). Plant in full sun.(Maturity: 72 days)(Solanum lycopersicum ‘Cherokee Purple’)

Photo unavailable TOMATO 'Gold Nugget'
Organic Tomato

An early prolific cherry tomato. One inch golden yellow fruits are juicy with mild, non-acidic flavor. The skin is thinner than similar varieties yet more resistant to cracking. Great to eat rght off the vine or add a little pop to a salad. The plants are determinate and seem resistant to many dieases. (Maturity: 55-60 days) (Solanum lycopersicum 'Gold Nugget')

Photo unavailable TOMATO 'Green Zebra'
Organic Tomato

Bred by Thomas Wagner of Tater Mater Seeds and introduced in 1983. Succulent, sweet & zingy flavor. Medium-sized, 4-5 oz fruits start out pale grn w/dk green stripes that soften & turn yellow when ripe. Perfect exteriors, fruits hold up under adverse conditions & rarely crack. Very productive. Indeterminate (tall growing, so provide some support). Plant in full sun. (Maturity: 75-80 days) (Solanum lycopersicum ‘Green Zebra’)


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