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Photo unavailable PAC CHOI 'Shanghai' aka bok choy
Organic Pac Choi

Shanghai Bok Choy aka baby bok choy are tender and delicious, the mild flavour is sweet with a hint of mustard. They have a much softer texture than white stemmed varieties and are much easier to cook. Delicious raw. It is fast growing and tolerant to heat and cold. Fat and cholesterol free, and a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and folate. (Maturity: 30 days)(Brassica rapa ' Shanghai').

Photo unavailable PAC CHOI 'Vivid'
Organic Pac Choi

An excellent micro green that can be used as baby leaf or full size and has a delightful flavor. Eye catching stems that range from pale pink to vivid pink and purple with serrated leaves. Both cold-hardy and slow to bolt, allowing for a long harvest window. Fat and cholesterol free, and a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and folate. Plant in sun. (Maturity: 20 days baby, 45 days full size) (Brassica rapa ‘Vivid’)

Photo unavailable PARSLEY 'Italian Flat Leaf'
Organic Parsley

A classic flat leaf variety for use either fresh or dried as a seasoning. It has strong flavored lvs that make it the parsley associated w/Italian dishes. The slight peppery flavor is stronger than that of its ruffled cousin, curly-leaf parsley. A very nutritious & tasty addition to meat or vegetable dishes, soups or even salads. Biennial. Ht: 18-24”. Width: 15”. Exp.: sun/part shade. Repels asparagus beetles. USDA Z4-11. (Maturity: 70 days)

Photo unavailable PARSLEY 'Moss Curled' (aka 'Tripled Curled')
Organic Heirloom Parsley

Heirloom - A standard, early maturing double curled variety with rapid re-growth. The leaves are deeply cut and curled, resembling forest moss. Stems average 10”. Curled leaf parsley is a more subtle seasoning than Italian flat leaf and makes for a nutritious, edible garnish and is great for drying. Introduced in the late 1800’s. Biennial. Ht: 12”. Exp: sun/part shade. USDA Z4-11. (Maturity: 75 days) (Petroselinum crispum ‘Moss Curled’)

Photo unavailable PEA 'Mammoth Melting'
Organic Heirloom Pea

Heirloom-The sugar snow pea has delectably sweet and tender pods. The mammoth-sized pods average 4-5” long w/delicate, mouth watering crunch. Use the beans for canning, freezing, steaming, stir-fry & eating fresh. The wilt resistant vines can grow 5-6’ in height & require trellising for support & bear over a long period of time. The large white flowers are a bonus. Sun. (Maturity: 65 days) (Pisum sativum ‘Mammoth Melting’)

Photo unavailable PEA 'Penelope'
Organic English Pea

A new variety of English pea with extra long, fancy pods! The pods average 4 1/2 in length and hold 8-9 peas per pod. They are easy to shell and have a good eating quality. The 34” vines can be grown with or without support. Plant in full sun. (Maturity: 59 days) (Pisum sativum ‘Penelope’)

PEA 'Super Sugar Snap', Organic Pea PEA 'Super Sugar Snap'
Organic Pea

An earlier, somewhat shorter-vined version of Sugar Snap growing 5’ or more, & needs support. Early yields are heavier than Sugar Snap but the harvest period is shorter. Produces sweet, thick-walled, plump 3" pods. It yields well in both hot & cold weather & it is heat tolerant & cold tolerant to 20 degrees. Resistant to powdery mildew. Sun to pt shade. (Maturity: 64 days)

PEPPER 'Chilhuacle Negro', Organic Mexican Pepper PEPPER 'Chilhuacle Negro'
Organic Mexican Pepper

Rare Mexican pepper from the region of Oaxaca. Produces good yields of 3 Ÿ" long by 2 Œ" wide apple shaped peppers. Peppers are moderately hot, w/complex, deep, fruity taste & turn from green to chocolate brown when mature. The heat level is close to a Jalapeno. They are good for stuffing, drying into powders, chopped into stir-fry and excellent for making mole sauces. Ht.: 24-36". Full sun. 90 to 100 days to harvest.

Photo unavailable PEPPER 'Italian Pepperoncini'
Organic Heirloom Italian Pepper

Heirloom - The ulitmate in a pickling pepper that comes from Italy. Bushy, small plants provide an abundance of 3-5" fruit with just a touch of heat. Peppers are yellow and then turn to red as the sweet flavor intensifies. Plant in sun. (Maturity: 75 days) (Capsicum annuum 'Italian Pepperoncini')

Photo unavailable PEPPER, 'Shishito'
Organic Japanese Pepper

Prolific. Small, mild Japanese pepper that produces 2-4" fruits. Excellent for roasting, pan-frying and grilling. Usually harvested and used green but eventually turns orange with a sweeter flavor. Thin walls blister/char easily when roasted or grilled creating a rich flavor - delicious sprinkled with salt. Spreading habit. Days to maturity: 60 days green, 75 days red. (Capsicum annuum)

Photo unavailable PEPPER, BELL 'Golden California Wonder'
Organic Sweet Bell Pepper

A beauty producing peppers of bright gold, changing to orange-red when mature. It has high yields and good fruit set in cool conditions. One of the best orange/yellow peppers available. The peppers are very sweet, have thick walls are average 4-6” in length. It is easy to grow. Plant in sun. Sturdy, upright 22-30” plants. (Maturity: 70-80 days) (Capsicum annuum ‘Golden California Wonder’)

Photo unavailable PEPPER, BELL 'King of the North'
Organic Pepper

Reliable variety for short seasons. Sweet flavor. Improved strain, selected for a higher percentage of blocky, thick-walled, early ripening peppers, each w/three to four lobes. upright & strong, supporting heavy yields of fruits, 3-4” wide & 6” long, that turn green to glossy red. It makes a great stuffing pepper & is good raw for in salads and dips. Plant in sun. (Maturity: 57 days green, 68 red)(Capsicum annuum ‘King of the North’)

Photo unavailable PEPPER, HOT 'Early Jalapeno'
Organic Pepper

More than a week earlier than the standard Jalapeno. Prolific plant with an upright habit bear clusters or plump, stubby, 3-4" red-green fruits. Commonly sold when still green. Medium hot, pungent flavor. Great for fresh salsas, salads, stuffing, roasting, drying or pickling. Height: 12-16" x 18-24". Exposure: sun. Water: moderate. (Maturity: 65 days).

Photo unavailable PEPPER, HOT 'Padron'
Organic Heirloom Pepper (aka 'Pimiento de Padron')

Heirloom- Harvest the peppers when they are 1- 1 1/2” long. Turns from green to dk red when mature. About 1 out of 20 fruits will be hot, and the rest mild. All the fruits become hot if allowed to grow 2-3” long. Sweet chili size peppers can often be fried whole & are good for frying & pickling. Served sautéed in olive oil w/a little sea salt, & eaten as tapas (appetizers) in Spain. Plant in sun. (Maturity: 60 days) (Capsicum annuum ‘Padron’)

Photo unavailable PEPPER, HOT 'Serrano Tampiqueno'
Organic Pepper

These chiles are very common in the Sounthwest US & in Thai cuisine. Classic hot pepper provides a medium-hot taste. The 3-6" long peppers are great for using in sauces, relishes, garnishes & for roasting as they have thin walls & do not need much preparation. They are initially green & change to red, brown, orng or ylw as they age. Rates 5,000-30,000 on the Scoville scale. Size: 2-3' x 2-3'. Sun (Maturity: 70-80 days)

Photo unavailable PUMPKIN 'Black Futsu'
Organic Heirloom Winter Squash

Rare Japanese specialty for the porch or the table with heavy ribs & unique warty texture. Produces 3-5 lb fruits that have bright orange flesh, firm texture & attractively dimpled yellow inner rind. Rich nutty, fresh flavor. Outer skin starts dark green/near black, becoming a powdery chestnut in storage. 3-5 pumpkins/plant. Does well in large containers. Stores well. Days to maturity: 105 days. (Cucurbita moschata)

Photo unavailable PUMPKIN 'Jack Straw'
Organic Pumpkin

A smooth faced Jack O’Lantern with dark orange skin and a hearty handle. Each plant is highly productive, producing pumpkins of variable sizes. They are round to slightly oblong and can range from 8-14” tall with a uniform shape. Plants show a tolerance to Powdery Mildew. Plant in sun. (Maturity: 100 days) (Cucurbita pepo ‘Jack Straw’)

Photo unavailable PUMPKIN 'Valenciano'
Organic Pumpkin

Creamy, white-skinned 8-10 lb fruits are round & slightly flattened in shape. Dense, high-quality sweet flesh. Vigorous vines bear uniform fruit with thick handles. A unique pumpkin that can be eaten or used ornamentally. Not as rugged as orange pumpkins, harvest right away & keep protected for best quality off the vine. Days to maturity: 110 days. (Cucurbita maxima)

Photo unavailable ROSEMARY officinalis 'Barbecue'
Organic Barbecue Rosemary

Evergreen shrub: Bred for the bbq! Has tall, straight stems that can be stripped & used as skewers on the grill! Tolerates drought, coast, deer, fire, clay & gophers. Good for containers & beds. Uses: culinary & ornamental. Fragrant foliage. Blooms: spring-summer. Color: lavender blue. Height: 4 ft. Exposure: sun. Water: moderate/dry. USDA Z6. (syn. 'Barbeque')

SAGE 'Common' (Salvia officinalis), Garden, Green or Common Sage SAGE 'Common'
Organic Sage

Grayish colored lvs can be used fresh or dried in soups, meat and bean dishes, gravies & stuffing. Ornamental branches of lvs are also common in floral wreaths. Can be planted all summer long. Perennial shrub: Tolerant of drought, deer & gophers. Nice border & container plant. Culinary uses: fresh or dried. Attracts butterflies & hummingbirds. Blms: mostly violet, can be wht or pk. Ht: 2-3’. Water: dry. USDA Z5. (Maturity: 70 days)

Photo unavailable SAGE 'Maxima'
Maxima Sage

Perennial Shrub: Native to eastern Europe. Tolerant of drought, deer & gophers. Nice border & container plant. Very aromatic. Attracts butterflies & hummingbirds. Has the largest lvs of any Sage on the market. Can be used to flavor meats of various kinds or can be added to cheeses, sauces or oils. Also has digestive properties as well. Blm time: spring. Blm color: pink. Size: 32" x 24". Exp.: sun. Water: mod./dry. USDA Z5.

Photo unavailable SORREL
Organic Sorrel

Hardy Perennial that can be grown as an annual. Native to the British Isles. Produces some of the earliest greens for spring & some of the lastest in the fall. The lvs have an intense lemony flavor. Uses: salads, soups sauces & of course fish, but use sparingly because of the intense flavor. Lvs grow to about 8 in. long but can be used at any stage. Blm color: pink. Exp.: sun/pt shade. Water: moist. Ht: 24". Spd: 12" USDA Z4.

Photo unavailable SPINACH 'Bloomsdale'
Organic Heirloom Spinach

Heirloom – This is a long loved old-time favorite that was introduced by D. Landreth Seed Company in 1826. It is one of the more outstanding open-pollinated varieties available. The leaves are savoyed, long and narrow with glossy, dark green color on a vigorous, upright plant. It has excellent heirloom flavor & tender leaves. Well adapted for late spring or summer plantings, slow to bolt. (Maturity: 42 days)

Photo unavailable SPINACH 'Corvair' F1 hybrid
Organic Spinach

Very attractive smooth leaf spinach w/very dk green, oval shaped lvs. Lvs are held upright for ease in harvesting. Fast-growing, tender & mild-tasting-great for salads or smoothies. Slow bolting. High yield potential. Very adaptable variety that is suitable for spring, summer, or fall productions. Resistant to downy mildew. 8-12" x 10-12". Sun to pt shade. (Maturity: 15 days (baby) or 40 days (full size)) (Spinacia oleracea ‘Corvair’)

Photo unavailable SPINACH 'Shelby'
Organic Spinach

Large, oval shaped, leaves that are medium green in color. This babyleaf spinach comes with an excellent disease resistance package and offers consistency and uniformity in those times of the season with variable temperatures. (Maturity: 40 days) (Spinacia oleracea ‘Shelby’)


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