SALVIA iodantha (syn. S. michoacana) (#SALIOD2 - H 49)

SALVIA iodantha (syn. S. michoacana)

Herbaceous Perennial: Evergreen. Deer resistant. Native to Mexico. Gorgeous & fast growing, cut back old growth in spring to reduce size & weight. Grows from the base & sends up flowering stalks that may need support. Needs protection from strong winds. Long, tubular clusters of fuzzy flowers attract hummingbirds, bees & butterflies. Blooms: fall-spring. Color: fuchsia-purple. Ht: 6-10 ft. W: 4-6 ft. Expos: sun/part shade. Water: moderate/dry. USDA Z8-10.

Available sizes

Size Location Price
1G I 32 call
4 Inch H 11 call