PEPEROMIA tetragona (syn. P. puteolata) (#PEPTET4 - H 01-N)

PEPEROMIA tetragona (syn. P. puteolata)

Succulent Herb: Evergreen. Native to S. America. An easy houseplant which tolerates a wide range of conditions. Suitable for pots, sheltered patios, terrariums & hanging pots. Stiff, leathery leaves have dark green & cream stripes. Small greenish white flowers are borne in slender spikes. Creeping or trailing habit. Slow growing. Ht: 12 in. Bright, indirect light. Water thoroughly when dry. Grow outdoors in pt. shade w/ light watering. Ht: 12 in. Width: 12 in. USDA Z12.

Available sizes

Size Location Price
4" round-azalea pot H 01-N call