KALE 'Vates' ('Blue Curled Scotch') (#KALVAT6-OG - H 52)

KALE 'Vates' ('Blue Curled Scotch')

Heirloom-This is a Scotch type (curly leaved) kale with dk, blue-grn curly lvs. This dwarf can be used for baby leaf or full size plants. It is a favorite for late season salad mixes or overwintering. Compact, dwarf plants reach 2’ tall at full size. This variety can also be used as a decorative garnish. It has good resistance to ylwing in cold & heat. (Maturity: 30 days baby, 55 days full size) (Brassica napus ‘Vates’)(aka K. 'Vates Dwarf')

Available sizes

Size Location Price
6 pack H 52 call