Archived Plants List

The plants in this list are displayed for reference purposes only; we no longer grow or sell them.

Botanical name Common name
SEMPERVIVUM tectorum 'Red Heart' Hens and Chicks, Common Houseleek
SENECIO talinoids mandralis 'Blue' Blue Chalk Fingers
SENECIO viravira Dusty Miller
SIDALCEA 'Brilliant' Checkerbloom, Prairie Mallow, False Mallow
SIDALCEA 'Elsie Heugh' Checkerbloom, Prairie Mallow
SILENE 'Rolly's Favorite' Pink Campion, Catchfly
SILENE dioica 'Firefly' Red Campion
SNOW PEA 'Mammoth Melting Sugar' Snow Pea
SNOW PEA 'Oregon Sugar Pod II' Snow Pea
SPIRAEA 'Magic Carpet' Bridal Wreath
SPIRAEA 'White Gold' Japanese Spiraea
SPIRAEA betulifolia 'Tor' Spiraea
SPIRAEA japonica 'Anthony Waterer' Japanese Spiraea
SPIRAEA japonica 'Dakota Goldcharm' (S. japonica 'Mertyann')
SPIRAEA species 'Double White' Spiraea, Bridal Wreath
SPIRAEA thunbergii Spiraea
SPIRAEA thunbergii 'Ogon' Spiraea
SQUASH, SUMMER 'Da Fiore' Zucchini Organic Zucchini
SQUASH, SUMMER 'Ronde De Nice' Zucchini Organic Heirloom Zucchini
SQUASH, SUMMER 'Y-Star' (Patty Pan) Organic Summer Squash
SQUASH, WINTER 'Buttercup' Organic Winter Squash
SQUASH, WINTER 'Red Kuri' Organic Winter Squash
STACHYS 'Lilac Falls' Stachys x Lamium
STACHYS byzantina Lamb's Ears
STACHYS coccinea 'Pow Wow' Texas Betony or Scarlet Hedge Nettle
STEVIA rebaudiana Sweetleaf or Sugarleaf
STIPA gigantea Giant Feather Grass
STIPA species 'Chile'
STOKESIA laevis Stokes Aster
STOKESIA laevis 'Mary Gregory' Stokes Aster
STROBILANTHES dyerianus (Persian Shield) Persian Shield
STYLOPHORUM diphyllum Celandine Poppy, Wood Poppy
SUMMER SAVORY Organic Heirloom Summer Savory
SUNFLOWER 'Buttercream' F1 Organic Sunflower
SUNFLOWER 'Grey Stripe' Sunflower
SUNFLOWER 'Lemon Queen' Organic Sunflower
SUNFLOWER 'Miriam Edible' Sunflower
SUNFLOWER 'Moulin Rouge' Organic Sunflower
SUNFLOWER 'Procut Red' F1 Organic Sunflower
SUNFLOWER 'Procut Red/Lemon Bicolor' F1 Organic Sunflower
SUNFLOWER 'Strawberry Blonde' F1 Organic Sunflower
SUNFLOWER Goldy Double Sunflower
SUTERA 'Carolina Big Bloom White' Bacopa
SUTERA 'White' Bacopa
SUTERA cordata 'Blue Showers' Bacopa Blue Showers
SUTERA cordata 'Scopia Double White'
SUTERA cordata 'Scopia Great Regal Blue' Bacopa
SUTERA cordata 'Scopia Gulliver Pink' Bacopa
SUTERA cordata 'Snowtopia' Bacopa Snowtopia
SUTERA cordata Giga White Bacopa Giga White