Archived Plants List

The plants in this list are displayed for reference purposes only; we no longer grow or sell them.

Botanical name Common name
ROSA 'Sombreuil' Tea Rose/Climbing Rose
ROSA 'Sparrieshoop' Shrub Rose
ROSA 'Spice so Nice' Large Flowered Climber
ROSA 'St. Patrick' Hybrid Tea
ROSA 'Starry Night' Shrub
ROSA 'Sun Runner' Shrub
ROSA 'Surrey' syn. R. 'Sommerwind', 'Summerwind', 'Korlanum'
ROSA 'Swany' Miniature Climber/Shrub
ROSA 'The Blushing Knock Out' Shrub (PPAF)
ROSA 'The Charlatan' Floribunda
ROSA 'The Double Knock Out' Shrub
ROSA 'The Hunter' Rugosa
ROSA 'The Imposter' (=MEIrosclem) Shrub
ROSA 'The Knock Out' Shrub: A 2000 AARS
ROSA 'The Lark Ascending' David Austin English Rose
ROSA 'The Pink Knock Out' Grandiflora Shrub (The Pink Knock Out Rose)
ROSA 'Thornless Purple' Thornless Purple Climber
ROSA 'Top Gun' (=WEKmoridahor) Shrub
ROSA 'Top Of The World' (own root) Miniature Flowered Climber
ROSA 'Topsy Turvy' (='WEKcocbeb) Floribunda
ROSA 'Touch of Class' Hybrid Tea
ROSA 'Toulouse Lautrec' Hybrid Tea (Romantica)
ROSA 'Trailing Red' Ground Cover Rose
ROSA 'Traviata' Hybrid Tea (Romantica)
ROSA 'Vigorosa Salmon' (own root) Floribunda (1999)
ROSA 'Vigorosa Solero' Floribunda
ROSA 'Vista' Miniature Rose (PP#9031)
ROSA 'What a Peach' Shrublet
ROSA 'White Licorice' (=WEKdidusinra) Floribunda
ROSA 'White Out' (=RADwhite) Shrub
ROSA 'Will Scarlet' Hybrid Musk/Shrub
ROSA 'Windermere' David Austin English Rose
ROSA 'Yellow Ribbons' Floribunda
ROSA 'Yves Piaget' Hybrid Tea (Romantica)
ROSA 'Zephirine Drouhin' Bourbon
ROSA banksiae banksiae White Lady Bank's Rose
ROSA Black Baccara (='Meidebenne') Hybrid Tea
ROSA Carefree Delight (=Meipotal) Meidiland Shrub Rose
ROSA Carefree Marvel (='MEIrameca') Shrub
ROSA Carefree Sunshine (=Radsun) Shrub
ROSA Coral Drift (=Meidrifora) Ground Cover/Miniature
ROSA foetida bicolor 'Austrian Copper'
ROSA Ice Meidiland (='Meivahyn') Shrub
ROSA Icy Drift (=Meipicdevoj) Ground Cover/Miniature
ROSA Innocence (=SAVinn) Miniature Rose (PP#10352)
ROSA Ivory Drift (='Meijeunom') Ground Cover/Miniature
ROSA Light of Day (='SAVibunda') Floribunda
ROSA My Bouquet 'First Impression' (=SPRoimpress) Flora-Tea
ROSA Pacific Serenade (=SAVanade) Miniature Rose
ROSA Peach Drift (=Meiggili) Ground Cover/Miniature