Archived Plants List

The plants in this list are displayed for reference purposes only; we no longer grow or sell them.

Botanical name Common name
RIBES sanguineum 'Brocklebankii Flowering Golden-Leafed Currant
RIBES sanguineum 'King Edward VII' Flowering Currant
RIBES sanguineum 'White Icicle' White Flowering Currant
ROSA 'Abbaye de Cluny' Hybrid Tea (Romantica)
ROSA 'Above All' (own root) Large Flowered Climber
ROSA 'Absolutely' Miniature Rose
ROSA 'Alfalfa' Little Rascals
ROSA 'Ambiance' Sample
ROSA 'Angel Face' Floribunda
ROSA 'Anna's Promise' (own root) Grandiflora (Hybrid Tea x Floribunda)
ROSA 'Anthony Meilland' Floribunda (Romantica)
ROSA 'Auguste Renoir' Romantica: Hybrid Tea
ROSA 'Baby Blanket' Shrub
ROSA 'Baby Love' Shrublet
ROSA 'Ballerina' Hybrid Musk
ROSA 'Betty Boop' Floribunda (1999)
ROSA 'Betty Prior' Floribunda
ROSA 'Blue Girl' Hybrid Tea
ROSA 'Brass Band' (='JACcofl') Floribunda
ROSA 'Bride's Dream' Hybrid Tea
ROSA 'Buff Beauty' Hybrid Musk Rose
ROSA 'Cape Cod' Shrub
ROSA 'Captain Thomas' Hybrid Tea
ROSA 'Cecile Brunner' Polyantha
ROSA 'Centennial Star' Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora
ROSA 'China Doll' Polyantha Shrub
ROSA 'Clair Matin' Climbing sport of the Floribunda
ROSA 'Climbing Iceberg' Climbing Floribunda
ROSA 'Cocktail' Shrub
ROSA 'Cornelia' Hybrid Musk
ROSA 'Cupcake' (=SPIcup) Miniature Hybrid Tea Rose
ROSA 'Deja Blu' Sample
ROSA 'Don Juan' Large Flowered Climber
ROSA 'Double Take' Sample
ROSA 'Eden' (syn. 'Pierre Ronsard', 'Eden Climber', MEIviolin) Climbing Rose
ROSA 'Edith's Darling' (own root) Shrub
ROSA 'Eglantyne' David Austin English Rose
ROSA 'Electric Blanket' Floribunda
ROSA 'Elizabeth Taylor' Hybrid Tea
ROSA 'Erfurt' Shrub
ROSA 'Escapade' Floribunda Shrub
ROSA 'Eureka' Floribunda
ROSA 'Evelyn' David Austin English Rose
ROSA 'Excellenz von Schubert' Hybrid Musk
ROSA 'Fair Bianca' David Austin English Rose
ROSA 'Felicia' Hybrid Musk
ROSA 'Flawless' Sample
ROSA 'Flutterbye' Shrub
ROSA 'Focal Point'
ROSA 'Fourth of July' Large Flowered Climber