Archived Plants List

The plants in this list are displayed for reference purposes only; we no longer grow or sell them.

Botanical name Common name
AJUGA reptans 'Green' Carpet Bugle, Bugleweed
AJUGA reptans 'Pink Lightning' Carpet Bugle, Bugleweed
AJUGA reptans 'Purple Torch' Carpet Bugle, Bugleweed
AJUGA reptans 'Rainbow' Carpet Bugle, Bugleweed
AKEBIA quinata 'Shiro-Nashiki'
ALCEA 'Black Currant Whirl' Hollyhock
ALCEA 'Double Burgundy' Hollyhock
ALCEA 'Double Dark Pink' Hollyhock
ALCEA 'Double Peachy Pink' Hollyhock
ALCEA 'Double Pink' Hollyhock
ALCEA 'Double Red' Hollyhock
ALCEA 'Double White' Hollyhock
ALCEA 'Red' Hollyhock
ALCEA 'Silver Pink' Hollyhock
ALCEA 'Yellow' Hollyhock
ALCEA rosea 'Halo Apricot' Hollyhock
ALCEA rosea 'Peaches 'n' Dreams' Hollyhock
ALCEA rosea 'Spotlight Blacknight' Spotlight Series Hollyhock
ALCEA rosea var. nigra 'The Watchman' Hollyhock
ALCHEMILLA erythropoda 'Alma' Lady's Mantle
ALLIUM 'White'
ALLIUM christophii (syn. A. albopilosum) Star of Persia, Giant Allium
ALOE 'Fairy Pink' Fairy Pink Sunbird Aloe
ALOE 'Lizard Lips' Dwarf Aloe
ALOE 'White Fox' Miniture Aloe
ALOE striata Coral Aloe, Striped Aloe
ALONSOA meridionalis ‘Maritana Red' Mask Flower
ALONSOA meridionalis ‘Maritana Salmon’ Mask Flower
ALONSOA meridionalis ‘Salmon Spire’ Mask flower
ALONSOA meridionalis ‘The Rebel’ Mask flower
ALPINIA zerumbet 'Variegata' Variegated Shell Ginger, Pink Porcelain Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Dwarf Fuchsia' Peruvian Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Hot Pink' Butterfly Lilies, Peruvian Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Inticancha Doba' Peruvian Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Inticancha Indigo' Peruvian Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Inticancha Kanika' Peruvian Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Little Miss Gina' Peruvian Lily, Inca Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Nearly White' Butterfly Lilies
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Ariane' (=‘Zapriari’) Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Camilla' (='Stapricamil') Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Felicia' (='Zapricia') Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Isabella' (='Zapribel') Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Ivana' (='Staprivane') Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Letizia' (='Zaprilet') Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Louise' (='Zaprilou') Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Mathilde' (='Zaprimat') Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Oxana' (='Staprioxa') Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Sara' (='Stalicamp') Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Theresa' (='Zapriteres') Princess Lily
ALSTROEMERIA 'Princess Zavina' (='Staprivina') Princess Lily